Annabel turns seven on Sunday! She’s such a fantastic little kid who gets more and more amazing every year. She keeps us entertained and on our toes! Just like when she turned five and six, I’ve been writing down all the things she’s said will happen when she turns seven. She’s going to have a busy year! 

When I’m seven, I’ll be taller and smarter.

I’ll be cooler – the coolest kid in school!

I’ll also be sillier and tell a lot of jokes that will make people go, “ha ha ha ha ha snort.”

My hair will grow longer, but I am going to cut it.

When I’m seven I will cuddle with my cute adorable dog Schuyler all the time.

When I’m seven I’ll be prettier. I don’t know if that’s possible, though.

I think I will become really strong, I’m going to lift weights my whole year of being seven.

When I’m seven I will raise money to give bald American Girl dolls to kids with cancer so they have something to cuddle and sleep with and squeeze when they have shots, and they never get lonely.

I will start a club so the world will be a better place. I think the world deserves more.

When I’m seven I want to make one of Daddy’s Diet Cokes explode to see what his face looks like. I think it will be funny. “Why would you do this to my beloved Diet Coke?!”

I want to try losing some more teeth (and getting more money from the tooth fairy).

I want to go to Disneyland and dress up as a princess…maybe as Queen Elsa or Princess Anna.

When I’m seven, James is going to think it’s crazy that I’m so much taller than him.

I’m going to be the goodest girl at school.

When I’m seven, I’m going to get better at sports by practicing and also paying attention to my coaches.

I’m going to be more unpredictable. Is that the right word? I’m gonna do crazy stuff and people will be like, “What’s Annabel gonna do now?!”

I’m going to make the Pick Up Trash Club even bigger at my school.

When I’m seven I will read a thousand books! Or maybe a hundred.

I am going to hit so many home runs in softball. Oh, and I’ll finally score a goal in soccer!

I’m going to get a boyfriend. He’d better get me roses and take me to the movies. If he gets us tickets, I’ll pay for the popcorn.

When I’m seven, I’m going to make sure my family can rely on me.

I also want to start a donation club so I can make the world better.

I’m so excited to be seven! That means I’m closer to being a teenager!

Happy birthday to my sweet, brilliant, caring, hilarious, beautiful daughter. I hope all your plans come true (except the boyfriend thing). I love you!