A Whole Hand

Annabel has been obsessed with turning five…pretty much since the day after she turned four. To her, five is a magical age where just about anything can happen. Almost every day she started a sentence with, “When I’m five…” and the words that followed were always adorable and sweet. I started writing down what she said, and I wanted to share my favorites today, the day she turns the magical age of five.

When I’m five, I’ll be a little bit different. I’ll be a little bossy, like a grown up.

When I’m five, I’ll need to learn how to be braver, and really work on getting my brain smarter.

When I’m five, I’ll probably still be a little bit crazy.

When I’m five, I won’t change right away on the outside…my hair might get a little longer, and maybe a little more curled. But my teeth are going to get wiggly and fall out. It’s probably going to happen soon. Then the tooth fairy will bring me ten million dollars!

When I’m five, I’ll learn how to build things, and get interested in following directions.

When I’m five, I’m going to be able to write books AND I’ll be able to read them. I want to write books that grownups and kids will all like! Maybe some scary stories, but nothing TOO scary because I want James to like them.

When I’m five, I think I’ll be able to play baseball, so the Giants or the Dodgers will probably want me on their team.

When I’m five, I am going to eat more soup and salad.

When I’m five, I’ll be too old to ride in a shopping cart…but I can push James! I’ll push him REALLY fast and I probably won’t crash him.

When I’m five, I’m going to watch more superhero movies and get better at helping people.

When I’m five I won’t be old enough to babysit James, but I can give him baths and put him to bed and stuff.

When I’m five I’ll be too old for Dora and Yo Gabba Gabba, but I can finally watch Equestria Girls and Jessie.

When I’m five, I’m going to go off the diving board! I’ll scream like I’m four, though.

When I’m five, I’m going to make an invention that gives kids that aren’t as lucky as me presents!

When I’m five, I’ll be old enough to go on the big slides at the water park! And I want to go to the dentist, and Legoland, and the snow.

Life is gonna get a lot harder when I’m as old as my whole hand…but probably better, too.

Happy birthday to my best girl! I hope five is everything you want it to be. I love you, Annabel!