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Surfing Sunday 12.10

The fires continue to rage here in Southern California. The fire closest to us, the Thomas Fire, is the largest, with over 155,000 acres burning or burned. The fire’s progress in our direction has been halted. It’s hard to say that I feel “lucky” for that, although I do, because so many others are threatened…

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We’re Okay

I wish I had something better to write about (well, I do, we’ve had lots of fun stuff going on), but I am consumed with worry over the out-of-control wildfires that are ravaging my beloved Southern California. We are safe. We can see the smoke and flames from the Thomas Fire, which is scary, but…

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Surfing Sunday 12.03

Writing this one in advance because I’m on a girls’ weekend! I put up our Christmas lights this week (with some help from my dad, thanks Dad!) and we finally put our Santa inflatable on the roof, something I’ve wanted to do since the day we bought it. I might have been a liiiiittle too…

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How About Them Apples

The kids saw some TV show where the characters went apple picking, and ever since they’ve been begging us to take them. “We can pick apples and eat them and make pie let’s goooooo!” Our schedules have been so nuts this fall that we didn’t think it would happen. Buuuuut then we remembered that there…

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The Emerald City With My Munchkins

Last year, I took Annie along with me on a work trip to Nintendo Headquarters in Seattle (I’m a member of their parents panel). For this year’s trip to headquarters, I was able to bring both Annie AND James. Based on his obsession with Mario, I knew he would have a blast. Our flight up…

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