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Surfing Sunday 02.26

When I woke up on Friday with a still-painful head, Mike and my parents insisted I go to the doctor to get checked out after my fall. I went to the doctor, where she determined I definitely had a concussion. Since I’m on an anticoagulant for my clotting disorder, she wanted to do a full…

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Funny Dancer

If only we’d known this video was just the beginning of James’ desire to make us laugh If you can’t see the video above, click here. He still dances like this, but now he throws in breakdancing, LOL forever.

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I’m The Thud

Have I told you guys that I am a champion fainter? I started fainting back in elementary school and I’ve only gotten better at it with age. When I was a kid, I fainted when I had a headache, didn’t get enough sleep, or hadn’t eaten enough. I’ve fainted in restaurants, classrooms, and my personal…

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Surfing Sunday 02.18

A few days ago, Southern California was hit with one of the biggest rain storms I can remember. I know everyone likes to make fun of how everyone in LA “freaks out” over a little rain, but this was most definitely NOT a little rain. Our city is just not built to accommodate the massive…

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Dream On

James has himself a new favorite song. Well, new to him, at least. If you can’t see the video above, click here. Look out, Steven Tyler. James is coming for ya.

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