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Surfing Sunday 04.23

We have had a softball-filled weekend. We had a double-header yesterday, and today is a big “fun day” fundraiser for the league. I’m glad that Annabel really enjoys softball, and wants to participate in all the skills challenges today, like throwing contests and hitting contests. I’m sure James will also want to participate, because anything Annie…

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Annie and Liam are the presidents of each other’s fan clubs. The way they interact reminds me so much of how I interacted with Leah when we were younger. It’s so fun to watch this play out now with our own children! The last time Liam was at our house, he’d just had his one-year…

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Spring In My Step

Spring break is officially over, with Annie begrudgingly going back to school this morning (James goes back tomorrow). For the first time in years, I actually emerged from the week rested. Usually I’m longing for a vacation from my vacation! I actually got a lot of sleep, and despite having a chest cold for the…

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Surfing Sunday 04.16

To those who celebrate, Pesach Sameach and Happy Easter! We’ve been up for hours already today, thanks to two little kids who were VERY anxious to search for eggs. Annie, James, and even Schuyler managed to find all but one of the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid…and of course, the Easter Bunny doesn’t remember…

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Confidence In Me

This post is sponsored by Suntrust. Thanks, Suntrust! There are plenty of times I don’t feel confident, like when my face decides to pretend it’s a teenager again and grow a giant pimple smack dab in the middle of it. (This happened to me a few years ago at a conference when I was speaking, which…

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