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Surfing Sunday 9.13

It’s scary times with the horrible fires raging on the west coast right now. We personally are safe from danger and hopefully, that will continue. The amount of smoke is absolutely astounding. The air is tinted with smoke, turning the sun a strange red color. We’ve been staying inside as much as possible to avoid…

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Surfing Sunday 8.30

Annie and James started school a week and a half ago, fifth grade for Annie and second grade for James. It’s hard to believe that this is their last year at the same school until Annie is a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL and James is a Freshman. The beginning of the year has been good,…

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Surfing Sunday 8.16

This has felt like the longest summer ever, so it’s hard to believe that my kids start school on Wednesday. They’re not exactly…excited…about starting the term with distance learning, so Mike and I have been trying to hype them up a bit. Annie is mourning some of the fifth-grade traditions that normally come at the…

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Surfing Sunday 8.02

We’ve spent the last week and a half completely reorganizing our house, especially our office, in preparation for the four of us to all be working and schooling from home. The kids’ school will be starting online in a couple weeks, and Mike will be working from home for the foreseeable future. We did a…

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Surfing Sunday 7.19

I took the kids to the beach last week to get a change of scenery. They spent HOURS in the water – James literally only left the water because I forced him to eat. The ocean is like 62-63 degrees (I think that’s like 17ish in Celcius), too cold for my wimpy self without a…

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