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Surfing Sunday 03.29

I hope all of you had a manageable week. It’s just about impossible to not feel stress right now, so I hope you all are hanging in there and being kind to yourselves. I had a FAR more interesting week than I expected or wanted. On Thursday, I had to see my dentist for an…

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Surfing Sunday 03.22

So. How are you all holding up? California implemented a state-wide “Stay at Home” order on Thursday, and I am really hoping people take it seriously. We’ve been staying in for over a week now, only leaving to go to the grocery store or to walk around our neighborhood. The kids are prepping for distance-learning…

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Surfing Sunday 03.15

So…how are we all doing? Does anyone else feel like they’re in the Twilight Zone? I love watching movies about this kind of thing but I don’t like living in one. I hope everyone is staying home when they can so the ones who CAN’T aren’t exposed to more people. I can’t handle the people…

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Surfing Sunday 03.01

I really did intend to write more this month but I failed to remember that February is THE WORST MONTH when it comes to my free time (or in this case, my lack thereof). In February, we have multiple sport overlap. In February, James played basketball and baseball and Annie played basketball and was on…

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Surfing Sunday 02.16

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. The kids had Friday off of school and they also have tomorrow (Monday) off so it’s been a long weekend in every sense of the word. Since they didn’t have school on Valentine’s Day, they celebrated with their classes on Thursday. There’s nothing like picking your…

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