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These Bones, These Bones, Gonna Walk Around

This post is sponsored by Sunsweet. Thank you, Sunsweet! Next month I turn 39, which means I’m a little more than 13 months away from my 40th birthday. Forty! How did that happen? Mentally, I still feel young, but physically? Not so much. Besides the fact that I have to keep up with twelve seven…

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Surfing Sunday 05.20

Hi, remember me, that person who used to blog here? I am obviously having a liiiiiittle bit of a hard time balancing the many moving pieces of my life right now. I sit down most days to write a post and the next thing I know, 87 different things have to be dealt with OMG…

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Surfing Sunday 05.13

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Mike and the kids woke me up with breakfast in bed (smoked salmon eggs benedict, nice work, Mike!) and gave me presents and lots of love. Today is always a mixed bag of emotions for me and anyone missing a child, a mom, a grandma, or a mother figure. The only…

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Surfing Sunday 05.06

The regular softball season has ended. I just loved the girls I had on my team this year. They were all so sweet and funny, and they got along with each other SO well. You never know what you’re going to get with a bunch of seven and eight-year-olds, but this group was great. I’m…

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Rookie Season

Mike and I waited until last year to let Annie start playing sports. When she was younger, she was the type of kid who, if she couldn’t master something quickly, would become frustrated and stop trying. Waiting until she was 6 to start sports was definitely the right decision for her. I always thought we’d…

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