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Surfing Sunday 04.21

Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate! My feelings around Easter are always complicated because of the timing of Maddie’s death, but it helps that her brother and sister LOVE the day and all the activities that surround it. It also helps that I’ll get to spend time with my cousin’s squishy six-month-old, who…

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Surfing Sunday 04.14

Last Sunday sucked. I still can’t put into words how it feels to know Maddie has been gone for ten years. It’s hard to fathom that I haven’t hugged her, kissed her, or heard her voice in ten years. All of the “what ifs” and questions that I don’t usually allow myself to linger on…

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Surfing Sunday 03.31

I’ve received a lot of messages lately as the anniversary of Maddie’s death gets closer. First, it really means so much to me that so many people a) remember and b) reach out. Next Sunday will be ten years since she died, which is obviously a crappy milestone. I’ve been trying my¬†usual technique of keeping…

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Surfing Sunday 03.17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Sean the Leprechaun came to our house last night and brought shoes and candy for Annie and James. I don’t know how much longer Annie is going to believe in all of this stuff, but she was thrilled this morning when she discovered her treats. James immediately put on his new…

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Surfing Sunday 03.10

James was selected Star of the Week for his kindergarten class. Star of the week gets lots of fun “perks,” but the one the kids love the most is that they get to take home the class stuffed animal, Dex. James has been taking Dex everywhere, and we’ve been taking lots of pictures of the…

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