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Surfing Sunday 10.21

Mike was invited to a fun event yesterday on the Universal Studios lot. The stars and hosts of Top Chef Junior and American Ninja Warrior kids were there, and MY kids were in HEAVEN. They got to try different kinds of food made by the tiny chefs, and they were even able to compete on…

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Surfing Sunday 10.14

Last week, our family welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. Leah and Ted’s daughter, Harper Alice, was born on Thursday, and we are so in love! Alice is a family name on both sides (Ted’s mother and Leah’s – and my – grandmother were Alice and Mary Alice, respectively), and it sounds so…

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Surfing Sunday 10.07

Yay, it’s October, and now we have Halloween’s fake scariness to distract us from the world’s real scariness! Yay. The kids have both decided on their Halloween costumes, both of which require some degree of craftiness on my part. Annie’s has one element that is going to be particularly tricky (she’s going to be a…

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Surfing Sunday 09.30

Ooooh boy what a year this week has been. Is anyone else totally exhausted? I think this week my TV will only tune into home renovation shows, cartoons, and The Good Place (omg if you’re not watching this show, you need to). I might still watch these while huddled under blankets, surrounded by empty chicken…

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Surfing Sunday 09.23

We’re a month into the school year and the kids are settling in well. Annie has started her 8,000 different school-related activities, and James is figuring out the new system and routine of a kindergarten classroom. They both have FANTASTIC teachers who we adore and couldn’t be more perfect for each of them if I’d…

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