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Surfing Sunday 2.28

The kids are finally getting rec sports back! Annie’s new softball team started practicing a week ago, and James’ new baseball team is having their first practice this week. I’m so excited for both of them to have another bit of “normal” added back to their lives. I’m even excited about schlepping them both all…

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Surfing Sunday 2.14

Happy Valentine’s Day! The kids had Friday off from school and tomorrow is Presidents’ Day, so we’ve been enjoying the long four-day weekend. After a terrible few months in Southern California, our COVID numbers are improving and things are slowly starting to open up again. Mike and I are extremely relieved that his parents and…

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Surfing Sunday 1.31

My girl is officially 11! It was a far more mellow birthday than we’re used to around here, yet oddly familiar now that we’re almost a year into the pandemic. The big party we’d normally throw was replaced with Zoom calls and socially-distanced birthday wishes. She also got a haircut, which she was very excited…

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Surfing Sunday 1.17

For those of you who’ve been reading me for a long time, I’m about to blow your minds – on Friday, Annie will turn ELEVEN. I can’t believe it, either! My sweet little baby girl is speeding through life far too fast for my liking. Although, as much as I’d like things to slow down…

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Surfing Sunday 1.03

Happy freaking new year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We are wrapping up two weeks off for all of us, and tomorrow we’re back to school and work. Well, “back to,” meaning logging onto our computers at the assigned times, possibly changing our pajamas before we do so, etc. We had…

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