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Surfing Sunday 07.15

You know how when you get out of the habit of something, it’s really hard to get back into it? That’s me and blogging right now. I think it’s partly the double whammy of summer break and being between freelance jobs — the kids are doing so many different activities that my schedule just revolves around…

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Surfing Sunday 07.08

We just returned home from our annual Independence Day trip to visit my aunt and uncle in Palm Desert. We always have a blast and this time was no exception, although it was MUCH hotter than usual — it hit 118° (48°C). I felt like my face was going to melt off. Pretty sure I lost…

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Surfing Sunday 07.01

I had a really lovely birthday last week! Very low-key. The kids still had school and swimming (James is doing summer pre-k and swimming lessons, and Annie is on the swim team at our community pool), but I fit in yummy meals (breakfast with my parents and Annie, and dinner with Mike and the kids),…

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Surfing Sunday 06.24

Woooo boy this week went off the rails for me. Everyone is fine, but we had an emergency that required Mike to be out of town for a week. I had a lot of balls I had to keep up in the air that I wasn’t expecting, on top of preparing the softball team for…

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Surfing Sunday 06.17

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!! Today we’re missing Mike, who is spending Father’s Day with his own dad up north while Annie and I do our thing on the softball fields (and James cheers us on). We can’t wait for him to come home so we can shower him with love and…

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