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Surfing Sunday 09.17

The “beginning of school germ” invasion is knocking on our doorstep. I have puffy eyes and a stuffy nose, as does Annie. Hopefully, we’ll be able to nip these colds in the bud, before James and Mike come down with it. Back to school germs are the worst part of this time of year! Around…

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Cold Feet

James is a week into pre-kindergarten and things are going well. He’s excited to go to school, and when I drop him off he runs ahead of me to say hi to his friends and teachers. After school, he gives me a big hug at pick up, and then he talks my ear off about…

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Surfing Sunday 09.10.17

Florida (and Georgia), I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and heart. I hope you all are safe through Hurricane Irma. I’m anxiously checking up on all of my friends and loved ones in the state…it’s hard to believe how massive this storm is, and how every single person I know in Florida…

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What A Character

I was looking through my archives and came across this video of James that I’d forgotten about. He was so damn funny, even at an early age. If you can’t see the video above, click here. I definitely need to make another video of him like this one!

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JJ’s First Day

It was finally James’ turn to start school!! HURRAAAAAAYYYYY! It’s been a long two weeks since Annie started school. James has been as patient as a four-year-old can be, but I don’t think he could have waited any longer. Meeting his teachers last week only intensified his excitement. Kid was READY. TO. GO. James’ teachers…

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