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You Are Now Entering The Twilight Zone

James’ latest interest is watching videos of other people on roller coasters. Apparently, there’s a whole YouTube subculture of people who film themselves on rides. Who knew? Anyway, James is very, very interested in the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride that’s at Disney World, and he’s watched enough videos about it that he has…

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So Long, Bubbles

Annabel’s fish, Bubbles, died last Monday. As you may recall, Annie won Bubbles at her school carnival back in October of 2015. YEP THAT FISH LIVED OVER TWO YEARS. I was not pleased that she won the fish, but Mike was stoked. Homeboy couldn’t wait to go buy a fish tank…and a fish for James, too. “For James.”…

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Surfing Sunday 01.14

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Annie is turning EIGHT in a week. Between her recent haircut and her refusal to stop growing (I only have about 9 inches on her!), she’s looking so grown up. She also likes to remind me that she’s “too old” for some things and…

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I Am A Robot

James has been all about robots lately. He especially likes to pretend he’s one. He’ll make me pretend to change his batteries, and he’ll walk around our house with straight arms and legs while saying, “Robot James, Robot James, bee boo beep!” Annie reminded me that she used to love pretending to be a robot,…

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Life With James

James is such a character. He constantly says the most hilarious things. We often joke, “James, where did you come from?” and he replies, “From Earth!” I’ve been writing down all the funny things he’s said lately, and I thought I’d share them so you can get a tiny window into this weirdly awesome little boy’s mind. — About his imaginary adversary (yes,…

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