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Surfing Sunday 05.28

Work and school events (not to mention softball events) have been taking over our lives this week, and things won’t be slowing down next week, either. I am anxiously counting down the days until school gets out! I’m totally behind on signing the kids up for summer activities, although at this point I think we’re…

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Dogs > Cats

Writing this one in advance again! Annabel’s first all star tournament is this weekend. Her team played two games yesterday, and they have at least one today (two if they win the first game). They finished the first round of play as the top seed from their pool! I was so incredibly proud of how…

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My Brother Is Here

You guys, James is turning four in just 11 days. “On May Firtief,” as he would say. The day James was born is a blur for me, so I am so especially thankful for videos like this one. I’m glad that we were able to think of a way to incorporate Annie into the moment,…

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Getting Our Book Deal

Since I announced our book last week, I’ve been asked over and over, “How’d you get a book deal?” Knowing a lot of people who’ve written books, I can say with confidence that there are a million different ways to get a book deal. Writing a book is something Mike and I have kicked around…

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