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Surfing Sunday 02.17

James has been trying a lot of new things lately. He begged us to play flag football, so we signed him up for that. His school just started a Kindergarten chorus, and he asked to join that, too. He’s also really been into learning how to skateboard. He got all the gear for Christmas, and…

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Surfing Sunday 02.10

Our week was CONSUMED with two major Annabel events – a poetry book report that included a memorized oral presentation, and the school talent show. Getting that girl ready for both almost killed me, but luckily, both went very well. Annie crushed it at the talent show – her act was stand-up comedy! She wrote…

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Surfing Sunday 02.03

How is it already February? I always think that my life is going to be chill and easy when I’m between freelance projects…when will I learn? My life is always CRAZIER when I’m between projects. I think it’s because I realize I don’t have long until my time belongs to someone else, so I cram…

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Surfing Sunday 01.27

I fully intended on posting last week, and I’d been gathering articles and writing down ideas. Then Annie’s birthday party happened. Twelve girls spent the night at our house…notice I didn’t say, “slept,” because I’m pretty sure most of them didn’t. I know I didn’t! I am WAY. TOO. OLD. to stay up all night….

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Surfing Sunday 01.13

We started the first week back at school strongly, and then it quickly devolved into chaos as first James got sick (he missed three days of school), and now Annie is sick. Our home hasn’t been illness-free since before Thanksgiving and I AM SO TIRED OF IT. I’m tired of seeing my babies miserable, and…

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