The Spohr Family is Heather: the wife, mom, and writer of this here blog; Mike, the husband and dad; Madeline Alice, our oldest daughter and our miracle preemie; Annabel Violet, our younger daughter and Taylor Swift-loving spitfire; and James Asher, our crazy, refrigerator-climbing preschooler.

The Spohrs Are Multiplying chronicles our adventures (mostly) in and around Los Angeles. We’ve been through a lot as a family, but you probably wouldn’t realize that based on our upbeat outlook and somewhat (okay, definitely) wacky sense of humor. Whether Mike and I are squabbling over the appropriateness of wearing slippers in public (Mike says “yay,” I say “hell nay”), Annabel is going to great lengths to cleanse her bedroom of any potential monsters, or James is talking in his sleep about his favorite song, “Uptown Funk” (yes, he’s three… don’t ask), our lives can seem more than a little like a sitcom come to life.

I love being creative – throwing parties, creating crafts, and sewing are my jam. I do a weekly DIY tutorial (Shaped Bokeh and Santa Hat Door Hanging have been pinned on Pinterest almost a million times), post lots of hair how-to videos (video is a big thing with us… check out our Youtube Channel), and share our best recipes (lots of drinks!). I’m no Martha Stewart, but I have fun with it.

Loss — and living through it — is also a huge part of this space and something I write passionately about. We lost our first child, Madeline, to prematurity-related causes in 2009, and have been on a journey through grief ever since. We miss Madeline every day and will for the rest of our lives, but we find joy, love, and purpose in her siblings and each other. Together, we are learning to celebrate life as we live with loss.