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Little Puppies

Years ago, I bought Rigby one of those pet laser pointer thingies that animals go gaga for. I tried it with Rigby a few times and she looked at me like, “Girl…no.” I put it in a drawer and forgot about it until this week, when Annabel came across it. We thought it would be…

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Flashback Friday: Annie’s Valentines

Oh, this video. Little Annie, plus James in the belly. If you can’t see the video above, click here. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Flashback Friday: Stuff Toddlers Say

I rewatched this video and cracked up. I thought Annabel talked a lot then, but it was just the beginning! If you can’t see the video above, click here. And now James is talking more…it is the best of times!

The Fifth Year Of Annie

Annabel is five years old! What a wonderful year it’s been. If you can’t see the video above, click here.  I love the tune Mike wrote this year! Every day we say how lucky we are to have such an amazing, thoughtful, hilarious, generous, clever, darling girl. Happy birthday, Annabel. We love you! Annie’s Fourth…

Flashback Friday: Annie’s First Year

It’s so hard to believe it, but this tiny baby will be five years old next week. If you can’t see the video above, click here. So precious then, more precious to me now.

James Nose

James has reached one of my favorite developmental stages: identifying things. He will respond to almost any “Where is X” question by touching or pointing to the object. We’ve been encouraging him to say the words instead of just pointing, and we’re probably driving him completely crazy with how we repeat words over and over…

Sliding By

One of the things I love about James and Annabel are their different strengths. Yesterday Mike and I took them to the park, which allowed both of them to shine in different ways. Annabel is socially fearless. She went up to three older kids (ranging in ages from eight to about thirteen) and said, “I…

Annie’s Kitchen: Holiday Fudge

Annie and I make her “cooking shows” all the time – like, she’ll be having yogurt and she’ll say, “MOM! Film me, I’m going to do a cooking show!…so to make yogurt, first you peel back the foil…” It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of her cooking shows, but I thought I’d share…

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