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The Many Faces Of James

We’ve been going over all sorts of different concepts as we prepare James for preschool. No one has enjoyed this as much as Annabel, as this combines two of her favorite things: being smart, and being a boss lady. She and James play school every day and she teaches him things like colors, shapes, etc….

Hello Siri

James is totally obsessed with the Siri function on our iPhones, and it reminded me of this cute video of my little Annie from 2012, a year before James was born. If you can’t see the video above, click here. It’s time to make a video like this with James (and obviously prank call Leah…

Going For The Gold

With the Olympics kicking off tonight, I had to reshare this hilarious old video: If you can’t see the video above, click here. Everyone go for the gold this weekend!

Vote For Her

Now that the Presidential conventions are over and we’ve seen the parties’ platforms, Mike and I have decided to officially endorse one of the candidates. If you can’t see the video above, click here She clearly has the best plan for our future!

Bet Your Bottom Dollar

When we go for walks around our neighborhood, James sometimes asks to bring along an iPod so he can be the official DJ of the walk. He will literally play music the entire time we’re walking around, it always amuses anyone we encounter (it’s pretty hilarious). But on the walks when I don’t let him…

How Do You Do, Pikachu

I’ve been taking Annabel out to play Pokémon Go, but Mike and James had never come along. That changed last night, when Annabel and I brought Mike and James with us to the library, a hotspot for Pokémon in our town. James was immediately into it (he likes any excuse to touch my phone), and Mike…

Sleepy Eater

It has been…a really terrible week. I’ve been glued to the news for the last few days, and I realized I needed to take a break, if only for a few minutes. I watched old videos of my kids, something that never fails to cheer me up. I replayed this one of Annie a few…

Independence Day Adventures

It wouldn’t the Fourth of July if I didn’t share this video we made way back in 2010. I wish I could reach through the computer and squeeze my chubby little Annie, and snuggle my sweet Rigby. I’m so glad I have these videos to look back on. If you can’t see the video above,…

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