annie at 5

Tomorrow, Annabel turns SIX! I realized she’s 1/3 of the way to 18…yikes! As wistful as I am for the days when she would sleep on my chest, life keeps getting better as she gets older. I love my kids’ birthdays and I’m pretty excited for this one, but of course, nothing can match Annabel’s excitement for, “FINALLY turning six!” Just like last year, I wrote down all of the things she said will happen once she finally turns six.

When I am six, I will be much, much better at listening to my mom. And dad. And other people.

When I am six, I will jump off the diving board. I promise.

When I’m six, I’m gonna be the best at school and everyone’s gonna be jealous of how good I am at grades.

When I turn six, I will save up five dollars to buy an American Girl Doll.

When I am six, I’ll be able to have second dinner. [Annabel thinks Mike and I eat another dinner after she and James go to bed. LOL no. That’s dessert.]

When I’m six, I’m gonna put two googly eyes on a banana and then I’m gonna scare people with it. And I’ll never, ever eat it. But I’ll throw it away when it gets moldy, then make another one.

When I am six, I will lose all of my teeth.

When I am six, I win an award for an invention. Or maybe I’ll start a YouTube channel.

When I am six, I will probably grow taller than my mom.

When I’m six I’ll try a turnip and cabbage. And I’m gonna eat salad with Ranch.

When I’m six, James is gonna be so impressed by how good I am.

I am gonna be so lucky when I’m six. I will get lots of money from the tooth fairy.

When I am six, I will be WAY more good for mom and dad. Better than James.

When I turn six, I will be better at learning.

When I am six, first grade will be easy.

When I’m six, I am not going to be afraid of anything. Except for maybe heights. And gross-tasting medicine.

When I turn six, James will be jealous of how old I am.

I’m gonna get better at riding a bike. Except not uphill.

When I’m six, I want people to call me, “Cool Kid Annie.” My teacher can still call me Annabel.

When I am six, I’m gonna be more organized. I’ll get bins for my shoes.

When I’m six, me and my best friend will go to the park together and also have sleepovers. And we’ll wear makeup!

I loved being five, but now it’s time to be six. That’s how life works!

Happy birthday to my smart, clever, hilarious, kind, beautiful daughter. I hope all of your wishes come true! I love you, Annabel!