Little Singer

We’ve joked for a while that James could sing before he could talk. He’s a very musical little dude, always singing and dancing. My mom took these videos of him singing with her to songs and I just love him. His sweet voice is one of my favorite things.

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

I just wanna squeeze him.

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Minions, Simpsons, And Wizards

Every now and then, Mike’s job and mine dovetail and we can work together. Yesterday, Mike and I got to go to Universal Studios here in LA for different assignments. We were able to spend the day together, and as an added bonus, bring Annabel along. I’ve only been to Universal Studios a handful of…

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Becoming Joy From Inside Out

After putting together Annabel’s Wyldstyle costume for Halloween, she has been begging me to help turn her into other characters. She usually asks for something really hard to pull off, so when she asked if I could turn her into Joy from Inside Out I said yes because it was by far the easiest request she’d made.

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