Surfing Sunday 05.19

I hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day. Mike and the kids woke me up with lovely gifts, treated me to a delicious brunch, and LET ME TAKE A NAP. It was everything I hoped it would be.

This weekend was supposed to be filled with softball (and yesterday was), but today’s games were rained out. I can’t recall a tournament being rained out in all of my years of softball…it doesn’t normally rain in Southern California this far into the year! It’s a bit of a bummer because Annie and her team were playing well, but I’m telling myself to enjoy the unexpected day of leisure because there are still five to seven more weekend tournaments in our immediate future.

Around The ‘Net

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Early Birthday Boy

In addition to celebrating Mother’s Day last weekend, we also had James’ birthday party with his friends. He’d requested an “American Ninja Warrior” themed birthday party, so we held it at an indoor trampoline/obstacle park that was actually started by an American Ninja Warrior champion! It was so fun to watch James and all of his kindergarten buddies bounce and climb all over the place. They’re such a sweet group of kids. James said it was “the bestest day EVER.”

Fun Finds

~Speaking of James’ birthday, I’ve been picking up gifts for him as I come across them. Nintendo sent me their new Virtual Reality Labo Kit for the Nintendo Switch and as badly as I want to open it and play with it MYSELF, I’m showing restraint and waiting until James’ birthday. It looks like so much fun, I can’t wait!
~A bunch of James’ friends gave him kid-friendly exercise equipment since he told everyone he wants to be a Ninja Warrior when he gets older. He got this adjustable hand weight set, this kettle bell he’s obsessed with, and an “exercise dice.”
~Mike and I are finally going to get him an indoor pull-up bar, mostly because he already literally climbs the walls and doorways in our house, so we might as well give him something that will make his habit a little safer.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Surfing Sunday 05.05

May is the beginning of our “season of insanity,” where we have something going on just about every day from now until mid-July. Between softball, baseball, end of the school year events, and birthdays, we are jammed. Oh man and I *literally* just remembered it’s Teacher Appreciation Week starting tomorrow, which means I have two…

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Surfing Sunday 04.28

The rec season for softball officially ended yesterday. While my team didn’t make it to the championship game, we had a winning record, so I was happy. The girls on my team were so great, just a wonderful, sweet group of girls who all got along well and had NO DRAMA! If you know second…

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