Surfing Sunday 11.04

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween! We had a great one. My kids dressed up as Indiana Jones and a Zombie Softball player, which is so perfect for both of them. Annie and James started the evening trick-or-treating together, but Annie peeled away from us when we ran into a group of her friends from the neighborhood. Ah, it begins. And now, here’s my yearly reminder to RESPECT THE TURKEY and resist Christmas decorations…at least until the middle of November!


Around The ‘Net

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~How America became a nation of yoga pants

~Same-sex couple carries same ‘miracle’ baby in what may be fertility world first

~I Grew Up in a Cult


Oh hey, did you know there’s an election this week? If you didn’t (and you live in the United States), THERE IS AN ELECTION THIS WEEK. It’s so, sooooo important that everyone exercises their right to vote. If you don’t know where your polling place is, just click on this handy little tool. My county offers early voting, so I actually went to the polls last week. I’ve been able to vote since 1997 and I haven’t missed a single election. I know a lot of people only come out for the “big” Presidential elections, but the midterm and off-year elections are just as important. So please, please, PLEASE go vote on Tuesday! And see if any of your friends or neighbors want a ride to the polls!

Fun Stuff

~My mom has the coziest blanket, and I finally decided to get one for myself. I mean, for my family. It’s fleece and faux fur and trust me, you want one.
~I bought myself a unicorn onesie for Halloween and it’s so comfortable I basically live in it now. Sometimes I threaten to wear it to school pick up.¬† It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
~You can wear this sweater with leggings, so I obviously¬†need to order several…you know, for the times I take off the unicorn onesie.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Surfing Sunday 10.28

I’ve been blogging since 2002, and even though I’m taking a (necessary) break from posting regularly, I still think of myself as a blogger. It’s been an amazing sixteen years that has brought me and my family incredible experiences, but the thing I will ALWAYS value the most is the relationships I’ve made. If it…

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Surfing Sunday 10.21

Mike was invited to a fun event yesterday on the Universal Studios lot. The stars and hosts of Top Chef Junior and American Ninja Warrior kids were there, and MY kids were in HEAVEN. They got to try different kinds of food made by the tiny chefs, and they were even able to compete on…

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