Surfing Sunday 03.26

Annabel’s school has an awards assembly once a month, and each grade takes turns providing pre-assembly “entertainment.” The first graders were up this past Friday, and they put on a play called, “Wonderful Weather.” It was really cute, lots of singing and pretending to be rain, wind, and the sun. James played the role of proud brother, taking video of the entire thing. Of course, he ended up with a lot of shots of his own feet, my lap, and the audience, but it kept him quiet and engaged the whole time, so who cares?

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Doggone Cool

~We’ve been getting Schuyler some toys (anything to distract her from chewing on my damn walls), and I just ordered this even though it appears to be for cats. I think Schuyler will like it because she looooves chasing James’ cars around on his magic tracks. Plus, she’s cat-sized.
~I was also looking into cave-style beds for Schuyler, since she loves to burrow, and would it be weird to order her this shark bed? Because it might be in my cart right now.
~Annabel saw this dog track suit on YouTube and is begging us to get it for Schuyler. I’m going to pass, but it DOES crack me up.

Marching On

~Here’s your friendly reminder to support our March for Babies team. Please help us reach our $10 for 10 goal! Thank you!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Ice Cold Laughter

I shared this on Instagram, but I feel like we could all use some belly laughs this morning! We got a block of dry ice included in an Amazon Fresh delivery, and I blew the kids’ minds with what you can do with dry ice and water. If you can’t see the video above, click…

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Let’s Go To The Cubby Hole

My kids have all been obsessed with weird things, but James’ latest favorite thing is definitely the strangest. Over the last month or so, James has become absolutely enamored with parking structures. Or, as he calls them, “cubby holes.” I don’t know what it is about parking structures that have completely captivated him. I thought that…

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