When Yoshi Met Rigby

About a month ago, my brother and his boyfriend adopted a rescue puppy, Yoshi. Yoshi is a tiny little nugget of a dog:


Yoshi is all settled-in and vaccinated, so a few days ago, my brother brought him to our house for a visit. They arrived while Annabel was at school and Rigby was at the groomer, so at first it was just James and Yoshi. Or as James called him, “Woah-shi,” as in, “C’mon, Woah-shi, let’s go!”

Yoshi followed James everywhere

And Yoshi was like, “Yes, I will follow you everywhere.”

look at dis, woah-shi

Anything James did, Yoshi wanted in on…

is this your paw?

…and vice-versa:

I'm just gonna try this.

I brought Rigby home from the groomer about 30 minutes after Yoshi arrived. Normally Rigby gets home from the groomer and, after resentfully ignoring me for a few minutes, passes out next to me on the couch. Getting groomed is hard work. So when she got home and discovered a puppy in her house she was like, “What the actually hell is happening here?” She just wanted to watch some Netflix and she had to deal with a child (story of my life).


rigby and yoshi

Rigby’s face is like, “Can I live?” She does not have time for these youthful shenanigans.

When it was time to get Annabel at school, Yoshi and Kyle joined me. Yoshi took every opportunity to jump in flowers and annoy bees:

stopping to smell the roses

Annabel couldn’t believe Yoshi was at her school, and made sure to point him out to all of her new friends. She said it earned her, “Like a thousand million cool points.” Oh, super.

While Annabel did her homework, Rigby and Yoshi finally bonded. Maybe because they were doing Rigby’s favorite thing, sitting.

Yoshi and Rigby

They also combined their powers of cuteness to try to snag some people food (it didn’t work).

new pals

It was a crazy day for young Yoshi, and during the rare moments when one of the kids wasn’t playing with him, he napped.

sleepy pup

Of course, Annabel wanted to help Yoshi feel better.

Yoshi is exhausted
“Sleep, little Yoshi! Take a nap, you’ll be happy you did!”

Yoshi is so adorable, but man, I love Rigby. She used to to be a crazy bundle of energy like Yoshi, but now that she’s closing in on 11 she loves to just snuggle and relax. The kids are now asking for a puppy, but we are a one-dog house. I don’t need a puppy right now…I have a James.

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