Surfing Sunday 10.22

It’s been a hell of a month, friends. Between Annie’s pneumonia and her school having minimum days all last week, I feel like these last three weeks have been a total wash. All of my work fell by the wayside during the long days of illness and short days of school. I haven’t even decorated for Halloween yet! My goal for this week is to get back on schedule and get my life on track again.

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Hollywood Kids

Yesterday we went to a first birthday party for my friend Aza’s son, Levon. The theme of the party was “Hollywood,” and all the kids were told to show up in their fancy clothes to “walk the red carpet.” Aza asked me if I’d play paparazzi, and I had a blast taking pictures of all the well-dressed little kiddos. My own kids cleaned up pretty well, as did my little Liam, who sported the same tux James wore in his parents’ wedding!

Liam looks like baby Winston Churchill and I am here for it! LOL forever.

Pin It

When I was in fourth grade, I had a massive pin collection. I wore a black Debbie Gibson-style hat to school and every day, I’d pick one of my pins to put on the hat. I was very, very styling, you guys. Now I collect small, quirky lapel pins. My favorite is this Alexander Hamilton pin, but I’m also partial to my “Pet a Dog” pin that I bought at the BuzzFeed store (it’s currently unavailable, but hopefully they’ll bring it back). I have my eye on this classic NES controller and I obviously need a Deathly Hallows pin, too. And this Beyoncé pin!!!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Make It A Better Place

Annabel did a lot of reading while she was home with pneumonia. One of her favorite books was Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (which I hiiiiiighly recommend for kids). She’d flip through the pages and shout out little facts about the women she was learning about, like Ada Lovelace or Mae Jemison. She was particularly…

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Surfing Sunday 10.15

Thank you all for the love, prayers, and good wishes for Annabel! She is doing SO WELL and should be fine to resume all of her regular activities tomorrow. It was a stressful week, one that I don’t think has fully hit me. James had a lot to do with that – on Tuesday morning,…

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