A Trip, In Pictures

We just got back from our quick trip to Arizona. The drive home took MUCH longer than anticipated…thanks to vomit. We had a kid vomiting on the trip to Arizona, and a kid vomiting on the trip back to California. I can’t even talk about it. I’ve seen things, man.

We managed to pack a lot into our short time, and I’ll get into some stories tomorrow, like James fearlessly jumping into the pool:

ready to jump in

Or how I caught a foul ball:

Caught a foul ball

Or how Annabel’s hair defied the laws of gravity:

how does her hair do that?

James also got his first fitted cap, and we discovered he and Annabel wear the same size (6 3/4):

first fitted cap

Annabel got to run the bases at Scottsdale Stadium:

crossing home

And my two buddies bonded:

best buddies

best friends

It was a great trip…you know, other than the vomit. *cries*

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