These Tiny Nightmares Appear

There are so many things I love about this video:

a) Toddler Annie.
b) The fact that Annie referenced this song when she and James were picking out their costumes for this year (“We can’t be cute, Mom! Kids don’t wanna be cute on Halloween!”).
c) My little Rigby.
d) That some of Mike’s younger coworkers found the video and made gifs of all the¬†Mike-as-a-vampire scenes, complete with captions like, “Bwah ha ha! I’m a dad!”

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

He really is the daddest dad who ever dadded in this video.

The Closest Thing To A Time Machine

This post is sponsored by Legacybox. Thank you, Legacybox! When my brother and I were growing up, my parents were great about recording moments. My mom was a fantastic photographer, and my dad had a few different video cameras. Over the last 10 years, I have painstakingly gone through thousands of old photos, scanning and…

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Surfing Sunday 10.16

To complete my awesome year of concerts, I saw the Dixie Chicks on Monday at the Hollywood Bowl. This was my third (maybe fourth?) time seeing them, and they didn’t disappoint. They played all their greatest hits, plus threw in a few amazing covers like Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games,” Bob Dylan’s “Mississippi,” and Beyonc√©’s…

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