Surfing Sunday 08.05

We’re squeezing in every last bit of fun before school starts in a few weeks. The kids and I have gone swimming, marshmallow-roasting, ice blocking, trampoline-jumping, and slip-n-sliding this week. It’s been fun but being Super Summer Mom is exhausting! But I keep reminding myself that I don’t know if I’ll ever have another summer break where I’m not working, so I’m going all-in.

Marshmallow roasting post-slip-n-sliding

Around The ‘Net

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Fun Stuff

~I’ve finally ordered the TRTL travel pillow that so many of you have raved about. I’m flying next week, so I’ll report back!
~Has anyone ever used eyeliner stamps? They appear to be foolproof, but if there’s a way to mess up with them I would DEFINITELY find it.
~We’ve been slowly redecorating Annie’s room, and she picked out this cute neon Unicorn light. I just wish we could plug it in because we’re going to go through lots of batteries.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Surfing Sunday 07.29

Annie just finished her final camp of the summer (so many camps!) last week. This one was a musical theater camp, where Annie and the other kids put on Wizard of Oz/Wicked hybrid. The show they performed was very cute. Annie and two of her pals were cast as members of the Lullaby League/Lollipop Guild,…

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Surfing Sunday 07.22

We had a great trip up to the Bay Area last week to visit my in-laws and celebrate Mike’s dad’s birthday. The kids love going to the house Mike grew up in, and they have a blast running around in the backyard, playing with their cousins and grandpa. So glad we could go help my…

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