Surfing Sunday 3.28

After watching his sister play countless games, James has decided that he, too, wants to be a stud ballplayer. He’s suddenly a little sponge, soaking up coaching and busting his butt to improve every chance he gets. In his first game, he had the game-winning hit and the game-saving play. His coach awarded him the game ball and I don’t think I’ve ever seen James with such a big smile on his face. We are so proud of him and so happy that he’s having big moments. It’s his turn to shine!

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Fun Finds

~I’ve found a new pair of yoga/exercise pants that I LOVE. Extremely well made, they have pockets, AND they’re completely squat-proof (very necessary for me as a coach who squats to warm up pitchers)!
~I bought this cosmetic organizer a month ago and I wish I’d bought it sooner (so does Mike). It’s nice to be able to see my stuff without it being all over the counter.
~I am in desperate need of a new pillow! If any of you have one you love, PLEASE share!!! My insomnia and I thank you in advance.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Surfing Sunday 2.28

The kids are finally getting rec sports back! Annie’s new softball team started practicing a week ago, and James’ new baseball team is having their first practice this week. I’m so excited for both of them to have another bit of “normal” added back to their lives. I’m even excited about schlepping them both all…

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Surfing Sunday 2.14

Happy Valentine’s Day! The kids had Friday off from school and tomorrow is Presidents’ Day, so we’ve been enjoying the long four-day weekend. After a terrible few months in Southern California, our COVID numbers are improving and things are slowly starting to open up again. Mike and I are extremely relieved that his parents and…

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