One of the best things about having a new baby is getting to introduce him to new things. This is especially true when the holidays roll around, and I am so glad that Leah and Ted include us in these activities. It’s all the fun of a new baby with none of the work!

A couple weekends ago, we all went to our local pumpkin farm for their annual Harvest Festival. Annabel was SO excited to be the Big Sister/Cousin, and wasted no time deciding what she thought “the boys” would enjoy.


“I think they really want to run through this corn maze. I think they really want to go on top of this hay mountain.”

corn maze

Hay girl

When I reminded her that Liam is only seven months old and can’t do some of the things she suggested, she said, “Oh, but he loves to watch me.”

So Liam patiently watched them race bikes:

bike race

bike race

and jump in the bounce house:

jump around

and run around picking out pumpkins:

picking out pumpkins

Luckily, he is pretty delighted by his cousins:

watching his cousins

Pumpkins, on the other hand, confuse him:

this is weird

We even got the kids to sit together for a few sweet pictures:

three little pumpkins

let me tell you why pumpkins rule

I also got some solo pictures of Mr. Skeptical:

what are you doooing
What is this thing in my face?

I want a pumpkin this big
I want a pumpkin thiiiis big.

While Mike, Ted, and I took the boys out to see the giant pumpkins, Leah and Annie went to the pig races where, like every year, Annie was chosen to wave the flag.

flag waver

Her flag-waving skills were rewarded with a pig nose:

miss piggy

It’s amazing how quickly time flies. This was Annie’s fourth year at the Harvest Festival, and James’ third. It feels like just yesterday James was the baby who had to be carried everywhere:

pumpkin pie James
During his brief “Chubby James” stage

Now James is running in a million directions (all of them away from an adult), and in just a year, that will be Liam, too. Hopefully when the boys run away from the adults, they run away together. Although, I’m really counting on Big Sister/Cousin Annie to keep the boys so busy at the farm that they don’t have time to run away.