I’ve been a fan of the show Gilmore Girls since it started back in 2000. I loved how smart and funny it was, and even though we didn’t have much in common I identified with Rory, the daughter. I have watched every episode of the show multiple times, and I quote from it as easily as I quote from Friends or The Office. I cannot WAIT for the revival episodes to hit Netflix in less than a month (I have literally cleared my schedule for the day they’re released) and have been totally caught up in all the hype surrounding it. I shared the trailer for the revival on my Facebook page the other day an apparently some people were shocked to discover that I am firmly on Team Logan. In my opinion he was, BY FAR, Rory’s best boyfriend.

Let me get something out of the way first: I was very, very happy that Rory ended up single at the end of the show. Getting engaged right out of college would not have been the right move for her.

I spent way too much time finding a picture where the boyfriends were in chronological order.

Now, that being said, I think we first all need to agree that Rory’s worst boyfriend of the three is Dean. Yeah, sure, he was a fine first boyfriend in the beginning. He put up with the craziness of Rory and Lorelai’s relationship, and yes, he built Rory a car. But he was so WHINY, basically Caillou all grown up (but he finally grew hair). He broke up with Rory in embarrassing public ways, TWICE (I know Rory was crappy to him but she didn’t deserve that). He was too basic for Rory and was intimidated by her dreams. And that whole affair thing…what a jerk (Rory sucks for that too, but this isn’t about her). He totally deserved all of his belongings being thrown out the window.

So, Jess. I don’t understand you Team Jess people. I get that he was cute. I get that he liked to read, and was smart enough for Rory. But he didn’t value education, was only interested in learning on his own terms, and refused to finish high school. He was a jerk to evvvvvvvverrrrrrryone, including Lorelai, which is just stupid because Lorelai is the best. He didn’t respect Rory’s grandparents, which was also stupid because they were very important to Rory. He pressured her to have sex even though she wasn’t ready, and then! He moved away without even saying goodbye. I know you’re going to tell me that he grew up because he joined a publishing house and published a novel. But nah. I will give him credit for making her come to her senses and getting her to go back to Yale, but that’s it. Everything always had to be on Jess’ terms and he sucked and I hated him, the end.

This brings me to Logan Huntzberger (more like HUNKSberger, amirite?), Rory’s college boyfriend. Was he spoiled and entitled? Yep, but so was Rory. Could he be a jerk when he felt threatened, and really, unbelievably stupid when he drank too much? Yep. But he respected Rory and her smarts from the start. Even though he hated the newspaper industry, he encouraged Rory to follow her dreams to be a reporter and did everything he could to help her. He stood up for her when his parents were jerks. That whole bridesmaid thing was gross but (and I’m sorry to be all Ross here) THEY WERE ON A BREAK. When Rory’s life spiraled out of control, he supported her decision to leave Yale (which was a bad decision on her part but bygones) and get herself back together — he knew she would go back eventually. He and Rory brought out the best in each other. He made her go out of her comfort zone and try new things, and she inspired him to be hardworking and successful. He wasn’t afraid to call her out on her BS, like when she wrote an article making fun of the spoiled and entitled people at a party Logan threw and he was like, “Yo, you also go to Yale, you don’t have to work eight jobs like Marty to pay for it, your grandparents are naming a building after you, and you live in my apartment rent-free soooooo maybe look in the mirror.” Even though he proposed waaaaaay too early, he didn’t expect her to just move across the country and be arm candy — he researched job openings at major newspapers in the area. He never competed with Rory and truly wanted her to succeed. AND! He completely respected Lorelai and her importance to Rory, and he worked hard to gain her trust and make her like him. On that point ALONE he beats stupid sullen Jess.

Have I overthought this? Absolutely. Did I write a draft of this complete with footnotes and links to episodes that supported my opinions but also made me look totally crazy? Possibly. Am I ready for you to come at me with (misguided) arguments against Logan? Definitely.

Also, I have issues with Luke. But that’s a different post.