Thank you all for your kind words! It’s been one of those perfect storms where I didn’t intend for a bunch of things to happen all at once, and I am so glad it’s all over. I’m on a stronger round of antibiotics for the sinus/ear infection double-whammy, and I have more appointments with Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists in my future. Which I now have lots of time for! Silver linings, right?

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Spooky House

Annabel’s school carnival was this past Friday, and the kids had a blast. Our class booth was the mini golf hole my dad built us last year, which was as popular as ever. We had almost 700 prizes (a mix of candy, slap bracelets, mini-dinosaurs, plastic rings, and vampire teeth) and we gave away all but about 50! The fifth graders put together a Spooky House every year, and Annie and her bestie were really excited to go in…as long as I would go with them. They were hilarious in there, screaming about everything. I’m pretty sure they were screaming just to scream. After we walked through I said, “So, you were scared?” and the replied, “NO! It’s just the fifth graders!” So I said, “Then let’s go again!” and they both screamed, “NO!” Meanwhile, James went through the Spooky House like six times. That kid is nuts.

cat carnival
My kitty cat and me at the carnival.

Happy birthday to my amazing Mom! We love you so much and we know this is going to be the best year yet!

gramma and Annie

Happy Sunday, everyone!