Annabel wrote this on Thursday after the last day of school. She even typed some of this herself. Proud of this kid!

Annie bell

Kindergarten ended last week and now it’s summer!

I am excited about summer because I have swimming lessons, I will have playdates with my best friend, and I get to sleep in. I don’t have to be up at 7am! I’m also excited for summer because I don’t have to go to school. I like school, but I don’t like how much I have to sit down. It makes my butt hurt.

But I am also sad that school is out because I saw my friends every day there. We had a lot of fun at recess and playing games. I also miss my teacher, she is my favorite teacher. I mean, every teacher is my favorite teacher but my Kindergarten teacher is my most favorite.

I really liked making jokes that my teacher would laugh at. One time, I made a joke and my friend C laughed and water came out of her nose! It was so awesome, although she said it kinda burned. I’ve had stuff come out of my nose before, she’s right. Another time, my best friend pretended she was Tarzan on the monkey bars. That was pretty crazy.

It was great learning about science and human bodies. I also liked it when our teacher let us clean the classroom. She’d let us sing and I would sing “Hard Knock Life.” Get it, because my name is Annie?

It was pretty fun at Kindergarten, but first grade is going to be great! I’m starting a “Pick Up Trash” club with my friends and we already have nine members! The principal said she would buy us some gloves so we don’t have to touch gross things. We are excited to do good deeds for the school!

But this summer I am going to read a lot of books, and write some stories, and dye the ends of my hair purple! It’s gonna be awesome!

(Her bubble is gonna be burst on that last one).