I am on a quick trip to Washington, D. C. (I left yesterday and get back tomorrow) for meetings. I was asked to join an advisory council for the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life program (you may remember the “comment for vaccines” posts I’ve done for the last two years), so I will be sitting in on global health initiative sessions and World Health Organization briefings. I am really excited about the opportunity to make a difference on a larger scale, which all of you amazing readers and commenters have helped me secure. You have come through for me in a big way the last two years, and the United Nations Foundation noticed. I’m looking forward to all of us blowing them away over the next year!

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In Summer

Since I work from home, I’ve been slowly stockpiling ways to entertain the kids over summer break while also allowing me to get stuff done. The kids are signed up for swimming lessons in the mornings, which will be nice, but I’ve been coming up with other ideas, too (and if you have good ideas for independent play, please let me know!).

~Annabel has been BEGGING for this inflatable pool, but I am torn. She and James would love it, but with the draught it would be hard to justify. Maybe I can use the pool water on my plants when the kids are done…I don’t know. I will have to do some investigating.

~I kind of want to get Annabel this little laminator. I could see her making all kinds of things with it. I can also see her getting a head start into the fake ID industry….so…at least she’d have extra cash? LOL

~My friend Meredith’s book will be my summer activity handbook this summer. It will also remind me that even though I have work to do, it’s important I take time every day to play (especially with my kids!).

~I’m sure the sound of them clomping around will get old fast, but I know they will have a blast with these EZ Steppers – the Kindergarten yard at Annabel’s school had them and she loved using them.


Happy Sunday, everyone!