Happy Father’s Day to everyone celebrating today! The kids worked hard to make Mike some cute gifts, and we made him a yummy breakfast (which the kids graciously helped him eat, too). We’re heading to my aunt’s later for BBQing and swimming and celebrating. Our area is in the middle of a big heat wave so I can’t wait to cool off in the pool with Mike and the kids.

Father's Day Breakfast

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband Mike, my own awesome dad, and my father-in-law! I love you guys!

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Free Tickets

If you have ever bought tickets through Ticketmaster, you have to check this out. Thanks to a lawsuit, anyone who bought tickets between October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013 is eligible for vouchers from Ticketmaster. I read that article and thought, “No way this is true,” but I logged into my Ticketmaster account and I had a TON of vouchers waiting for me – including four free tickets. Mike, however, has THIRTY FOUR free tickets, plus a ton of discount codes. It’s crazy! The vouchers can only be used at Live Nation venues, but LN owns a ton of venues around the world. So definitely check your accounts, because it’s real!

The Final Countdown

My birthday is a week from tomorrow, WOO HOO! My family is going in on a big gift for me (they’re going to help me give my office/craft/sewing space a makeover), but if I could buy myself something it would be this gorgeous green dress, even though I have absolutely nowhere to wear it. I mean, I suppose I could wear it to the kids’ swimming lessons but it might be just a tad too fancy. In the end, if I buy myself anything to celebrate the joyous occasion of my birth it will probably be shorts and tank tops that I can wear to the pool…anything that will help me not sweat to death during their lessons!

Happy Sunday, everyone!