Annabel and her friend Molly (daughter of my oldest friend, Tara) have been taking a ballet/tap class since August of last year. Annie has taken several dance classes before, all through our local parks and rec department, but this class was through the local dance school. I figured it would be a little more structured than the parks and rec, which would be good for Annie — she does much better in that sort of environment.

The class was for four to six-year-olds, a pretty challenging age. But the teacher was very good and very patient, taking her time to really work with the girls. It was pretty clear right away which girls had natural talent, and which girls like to make faces at themselves in the dance studio’s mirror. Annabel’s silly face game is very strong now.

The big culmination to this almost-year of classes was a show at our local performing arts center this past weekend. Annabel was REALLY excited, “We get to go in a dressing room with lockers! And we get to go on a giant stage!” She also looooved that there were makeup requirements (red lipstick and blush so the girls “wouldn’t be washed-out on stage.”).

Annabel’s class was dancing to a song from a Tinkerbell movie, so their costumes reflected that fairy’s fashion sense:

fairy ballerinas

The show itself was really cute. It was almost entirely composed of the young classes, with a few older ballet, tap, and hip hop companies mixed throughout. Some of the youngest classes were so cute and hilarious in their costumes! Still, I was anxious for Annabel, whose class wasn’t until almost the end of the show. But they were worth the wait!


tiny dancers

The girls did REALLY well! I was so proud of them. That theater was huge and full of people, but none of them got stage fright and they all did great.


I couldn’t wait to give my little ballerina a huge hug.

with our dancer

We gave her flowers, too:

my dancer

Will she keep dancing? I don’t know. She seemed totally uninterested in pursuing dance in the lead up to the recital, but in the days since she can’t stop talking about “the next time [she’s] on stage.” She also saw some of the other dance styles during the recital and thinks hip hop looks, “Sooo totally cool and fashionable.”

Oh, well if it’s fashionable, then let’s do it.