Happy Mother’s Day! We’re having the family over today, and I’m looking forward to a lot of laughs, and lot of snuggles, and a lot of togetherness. Mother’s Day is hard, not just for me, but for anyone missing a child, a mom, a grandma, or a mother figure. Take a moment today and send a message to someone you know who’s missing someone today – it will mean so much to them.

first mother's day
Our only Mother’s Day together.

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My friend Jenny has started an amazing new mission, one that is near and dear not only to her, but also to me. Her sweet newborn, Oliver, was born with a very large and undetected (in utero) Lymphatic Malformation that’s required hospitalizations for treatment. While Jenny and her husband, Pete, were with him at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, they quickly realized how lucky they were to have a large, supportive network to help them with their older son, who wasn’t allowed to visit his brother during flu season. Jenny and Pete saw many families didn’t have the same support, and struggled to be there for their hospitalized children. I saw the same thing during Maddie’s hospitalizations – there were so many parents who couldn’t afford to take time off work, who lived several hours away, who had to juggle caring for older kids as well. It was heartbreaking – Mike and I had relatives and family lined up to stay in the hospital with Maddie when other families had no help at all. Jenny and Pete have started the #WeAreLucky program, which helps a mom in need bring a trusted friend or loved one to her home so that she can come to CHLA to be with her sick child during surgery and recovery. I’m blown away by how she’s helping others.

Be Glad Your Dad

My friend Matt’s new children’s book, Be Glad Your Dad (Is Not an Octopus) came out this week. It’s super cute – Annie and James both love it and we’ve already read it a million times. I highly recommend it!

Happy Sunday, everyone!