Thank you all for your cross stitch suggestions and advice! I’m really enjoying looking through everything and bookmarking different projects and patterns I want to try. As I’ve been taking the time to heal my back and recharge my brain, it’s nice to do something creative just for me (and for my cousin Leah’s soon-to-arrive baby girl). My back is healing splendidly. No more crutches! I (carefully) threw ball last week! I might even attempt something crazy this week, like a walk around the neighborhood. I’m living on the edge, people!

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After eight years of writing at New York Magazine’s Vulture, my brother has moved on to another New York institution: The New York Times. He’s covering the movies and pop-culture beat, including taking over The Carpetbagger, the newspaper’s Academy Awards column. You’ll be able to find his articles on the NY Times website AND in the print version of the newspaper!

Little Eagle

James had his first soccer game yesterday! It’s the perfect sport for him — so much running! And James has unending amounts of energy. He had such a blast yesterday and even scored a goal. This kid is going to be fun to watch.

Cool Stuff

~Two words: laser scissors.
~Has anyone ever tried an eye massager like this one? I’m wondering if it will help with my headaches and migraines.
~And speaking of weird eyewear, I kind of want these ridiculous light up glasses.

Happy Sunday, everyone!