So my back. I got an x-ray last Monday, and after a brief period where one of the doctors thought I might have a compression fracture in my sacroiliac joint (which is where a couple of the bones that make up the pelvis come together), it was determined that it was a really, really bad sprain. I was given a steroid shot to help reduce swelling and told to stay off my feet as much as possible. I also have a brace and, to add insult to injury, crutches.

People when they see me on crutches: What happened?!
Me: I fell on my butt during a no-impact water sport.
People: *start laughing*

Anyway, the good news is that, with lots of rest, my back has started improving. I can’t wait to be able to move around freely again. I actually miss doing boring things, like cleaning!

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Big Little Girl

Annie has decided that third grade is her big year. She’s joining chorus again, expressed interest in joining the school strings group, is in Brownies, playing softball, has started walking home after school, and wants to join student government. She comes home every day and does her homework willingly. I don’t know if this is going to last through the year, but so far I am really enjoying the third-grade version of Annabel!

A Stitch In Time

~When I found out I was going to have to spend an extended period of time off my feet, I decided it was a good time to try something new. I ordered a beginner’s cross stitch and embroidery kit, and I’m hooked. It’s so zen and I feel like I’m being productive. So far I’ve just been making things for my cousin’s soon-to-be-born baby girl, but I am excited to try new things. So all of you who are into cross stitch and embroidery, point me in some fun directions! What else do I need? Where can I find fun patterns?

Happy Sunday, everyone!