Yesterday we threw my cousin, Leah, a baby shower in honor of the baby girl she’ll be having soon. I am SO EXCITED for another baby in the family, and since the last two were boys I’m especially excited for a little girl. They are so much fun to shop for with all of those tiny dresses and hair bows. The shower had a nursery rhyme theme, which was fun to plan for. I used my “sitting on my butt healing my back” time to embroider some burp rags, plus I made bunting for the nursery. I almost finished a blanket for the baby, too. My grandma (the one I share with Leah) was an amazing quilter, and if she were still alive she’d have made beautiful quilts for all of her great-grandbabies. I don’t quilt, but I can sew a mean blanket on my sewing machine! They’ll never be as good as what my gram could have made, but I think about her constantly while I make them and I hope the love she gave me comes through in the finished product.

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You guys. Annie and I gave the baby the freaking cuuuuutest little outfits from this amazing online shop, The Wishing Elephant. I fell head over heels for this gorgeous rainbow dress, and of course we had to get her a tiny Rockford Peaches dress. I want that dress in MY size!!

Fun Finds

~Annie’s current softball team is called the “Base Invaders,” so Mike and James are rocking old-school Space Invaders t-shirts to her games.
~Speaking of softball, a mom showed up to a game last week wearing a “Rub Dirt On It” shirt and I immediately ordered one for myself because I say that every time someone gets hurt (good thing I’m not a doctor).
~Hey, remember Stitch Fix? They now do boxes for kids! And the stuff is SO CUTE. Annie wore this dress to the shower yesterday (and those Tom’s came from her StitchFix, too!).

Happy Sunday, everyone!