Annie just finished her final camp of the summer (so many camps!) last week. This one was a musical theater camp, where Annie and the other kids put on Wizard of Oz/Wicked hybrid. The show they performed was very cute. Annie and two of her pals were cast as members of the Lullaby League/Lollipop Guild, which they were very excited about. They put together their own costumes, made their props, and generally had a blast the whole week. Between All-Stars, swim team, and different camps, Annie has had a very busy summer! Next week is her last week of swim team, which is a bummer because I’ve really enjoyed watching her get stronger in the pool.

The Lullaby League is into Girl Power these days.

James is still having lots of fun in his summer pre-k class. I adore his teacher, and after spending a year with her, it’s going to be so hard to say goodbye in a few weeks! But she’s helped James grow by leaps and bounds over the last 12 months, and I know he’ll be ready for Kindergarten…as ready as he can possibly be, at least!

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The Countdown Is On

The official countdown to school has started in our house. I always feel like the beginning of the summer goes slowly and then when August hits, BAM: it’s a quick slide to the end of summer. School supply lists went home, so this weekend we went back-to-school shopping. New lunch boxes and backpacks have been purchased (Annie lost her mind over this sequin backpack and unicorn lunchbox, while James flipped for a Minecraft lunch tote and a rocket ship backpack), shoes have been procured (I found a pair of the rainbow Vans for Annie, and James picked out a classic checkered pair), and first-day outfits have been selected. I’m feeling pretty accomplished considering school doesn’t start until the 22nd!

Happy Sunday, everyone!