We had a great trip up to the Bay Area last week to visit my in-laws and celebrate Mike’s dad’s birthday. The kids love going to the house Mike grew up in, and they have a blast running around in the backyard, playing with their cousins and grandpa. So glad we could go help my FIL ring in another year!

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Pumped Up Kicks

Annie and I have been on what feels like a never-ending quest to buy her new shoes. I bought her a pair of running shoes at the beginning of the summer (like six weeks ago!) and they are ALREADY TOO SMALL. Her refusal to stop growing is very hard on my wallet. I took her to the Nordstrom sale so I could get her foot properly measured, and we discovered that she is a size four now. The woman in the shoe section casually said, “That converts to a size six in a woman’s shoe,” so please excuse me while I go weep in the corner. Her big ol’ feet made it a little hard to find a pair of shoes in-store, but we did come across this awesome pair of rainbow-checkered Vans that we both became a little obsessed with. I honestly want a pair for myself.

Prime Time

On Amazon’s Prime Day, we finally replaced our old, 100-pound (literally) TV for a new Smart TV. Friends, I feel like I am finally living in the future. It’s so pretty and I can control it from my phone, which means when I inevitably lose the remote, I won’t be out of luck! In addition to the TV, I just picked up a few smaller things, like insulated water bottles for the kids, and a bedskirt. I love how random Prime Day is. Anyone else get anything cool?

Happy Sunday, everyone!