We’re squeezing in every last bit of fun before school starts in a few weeks. The kids and I have gone swimming, marshmallow-roasting, ice blocking, trampoline-jumping, and slip-n-sliding this week. It’s been fun but being Super Summer Mom is exhausting! But I keep reminding myself that I don’t know if I’ll ever have another summer break where I’m not working, so I’m going all-in.

Marshmallow roasting post-slip-n-sliding

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Fun Stuff

~I’ve finally ordered the TRTL travel pillow that so many of you have raved about. I’m flying next week, so I’ll report back!
~Has anyone ever used eyeliner stamps? They appear to be foolproof, but if there’s a way to mess up with them I would DEFINITELY find it.
~We’ve been slowly redecorating Annie’s room, and she picked out this cute neon Unicorn light. I just wish we could plug it in because we’re going to go through lots of batteries.

Happy Sunday, everyone!