Annabel has been teething like a fiend, as I’ve mentioned before. The poor thing has been a drooling machine, with a terrible runny nose. She bites down on EVERYTHING – her fingers, shirts, blankets, toys, bottles, you name it.

It really sucks to see your kids in pain, but when they are little and you can’t explain things to them you feel like the worst mother ever. Annie looks at me with her big eyes and the look on her face says, “Mama! Why does it hurt so much?!”

Heart break!

Last week, Annie was in my lap when she grabbed my fingers and started playing with them. She pulled one of my fingers into her mouth and bit down….and I yelped. So I looked in her mouth and there they were!

two teef!

Two bottom teeth! I can’t believe she already has teeth popping through. It makes me feel like she is so grown up!

Luckily, with the arrival of her teeth, her happy smile has returned.

So Smiley

And with the return of her smile, mine has returned as well.