Thanks to all of you who have been patient while we’ve worked out the kinks on my new site design. Switching a site’s look and functionality takes a lot of work by people who are waaaaaaay smart about these things. I am NOT one of those people, as evidenced a couple weeks ago when, while tinkering around with the site’s nuts and bolts, I managed to send out over a hundred links to my blog in less than a minute via twitter. The internet is hard.

I have to thank a bunch of people who helped me, namely  Andi for doing all the coding and design work, Maria for designing the header, and Andrew for helping with the troubleshooting. Andrew spent a good part of yesterday going through code, trying to figure out why CommentLuv wasn’t working. And he fixed it! Yay! I love clicking through to everyone’s blog posts. If you find anything else that isn’t working the way it should, please let me know!

So, what ARE all these changes for? Well, I loved my old design but I wanted something that was a little more organized and easy to navigate. I wanted a place to put up my fun hair posts that I do for other sites. Now it’s easier for your kids to find all of Annie and Maddie’s videos! The section that I’m really excited about is photography. You all may have noticed that I’ve started posting a daily photo. This is really reminding me to pick up my camera every day, and I’m so happy about it – I have it with me at all times, and I am finally back in the groove where I’m taking pictures of all the little things. I’m also going to be posting photography tutorials (starting this afternoon!) with tips I’m learning in my classes. I hope you all like them.

But enough about my site. Let’s talk about me! One of the things I promised I would change this year is to get in front of the camera more. There are so many occasions where I took tons of photos of Madeline and Mike and the rest of our family, but you would never know I was there. I was always making an excuse – I didn’t have makeup on, I felt fat, whatever. I regret that every day.

When I was in New York last week, I had two different photo shoots. Like I’m Beyonce or something! My friend Casey did a session with Brittany and me and the pictures are so much fun.


brittany and heather.

brittany and heather.

The other pictures were taken by my friend Adam’s wife Suzanne.

All these pictures make me so happy. Granted, Casey and Suzanne are amazing photographers, but EVERYONE should make the effort to get in front of the camera more often. It doesn’t matter who is taking the photo – it could even be on a timer – as long as you’re in front of the lens. As I’ve said before, you’ll never regret having pictures of yourself.