I’ve had writer’s block for a really long time. With the kids getting older, I wasn’t as comfortable writing about them as I was when they were little. Which is kind of ironic, because now that they’re older they love the blog and wish I wrote about them all the time! I wrote a lot, for a lot of places, multiple times a day, multiple articles a day, multiple edits a day, and I just got burned out. I guess that’s not surprising when you think about how I’ve been blogging since 2002, and have been making my living as a writer for the last handful of years. I just…ran out of gas. I lost my motivation, and I lost the joy I found in writing.
I was approached by a company to write a sponsored post, and at first I thought it was a mistake. Didn’t they know I wasn’t really blogging anymore? But they did, and they still wanted me to write for them. They still liked my voice. So I took the job, and something unexpected happened – I really enjoyed writing it. Maybe it was because they gave me a topic, which had been the source of my block for so long, but I had fun writing and taking the pictures for it, and even doing the random paperwork that’s required for a sponsored post was kind of fun.
So, I’m about to put up a sponsored post, but it’s more than just that to me. As silly as it is, it showed me that writing could be fun again. And it showed me that I missed writing. And it makes me want to write more.
You’ll be seeing more of me around here. Not the prolific posting schedule I used to keep, but certainly more often than recent months. I didn’t realize it, but I’ve really missed this place.
Still very, very nerdy.