Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring this blog post #ad

I’ve never bought Mike razors. Even though I do the majority of the shopping (one of those work from home “perks”), he usually picks up his own grooming supplies when he goes to the grocery store on one of his Diet Coke runs. At the beginning of December, we were out running other errands together when we stopped at the supermarket to buy groceries. We put everything we needed into the cart, which included some replacement razors for his shaver.

When the cashier rung up his razors, I just about fell over at how much they were. “Are you serious? Why are they so much? Are there a million tiny little people inside the razor with tiny scissors cutting each whisker one by one?” The cashier laughed and said, “You know, you should sign up for Dollar Shave Club. The razors are better and WAY cheaper.” I made a mental note to check it out, but like most of my mental notes, it was lost in the clutter of my brain.

A month later, Mike came home from the store and said, “Hey, the woman in line behind me saw I was buying razors and told me she signed her husband up for Dollar Shave Club. Why is everyone talking about this thing?”

And then you guys, literally a week after that, I was contacted by Dollar Shave Club to see if we’d like to try their subscription. Um, YEAH.

Their Ultimate Shave Starter set arrived a week later in a cute, little box.

And it was even cuter when we opened it up.

I was impressed by how substantial the razor handle was. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it felt fancy, like just the handle alone should cost more than $25.

As I took the set into the bathroom, I started laughing to myself. There were so many products and I just KNEW Mike was going to be like, “What am I supposed to do with all of these?” I mean, we’re talking about someone who has been known on occasion to use soap on his face when he’s shaving. He has no grooming routine other than “shave before work.” 

Sure enough, when he walked in he said, “I’m supposed to use ALL of that? To SHAVE?” I started explaining to him what the different products were for.  

“Okay, first you start with Dr. Carver’s Prep Scrub, which exfoliates dead skin cells and helps prevent ingrown hairs.” Then I had to explain what exfoliate means INSERT EYE ROLL EMOJI.

“Next, you put on the Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter.” “Do you mean shaving cream?” he asked. Nope. The shaving butter went on as smoothly as a lotion and was surprisingly clear. Mike was a little confused by that until he realized that he could see what he was shaving a lot easier without a thick layer of white cream on his face. 


Between the shave butter and the razor, which moved with the contours of his face, it was a really smooth, close shave.

When he was done shaving, I told him he had the option to either use Dr. Carver’s Post Shave Dew, or Dr. Carver’s Post Shave cream, which isn’t normally in the starter box but they’d sent it along for him to try. After reading the labels to see the differences (the dew provides hydration and relief on contact, while the cream is a moisturizer), he decided to go with the dew. “If this  burns my skin like after shave I’m going to be mad at you,” he said. But it didn’t! In fact, he said, “Okay…this actually feels nice. My skin doesn’t feel dry at all.”

I decided I needed to examine the results up close and started rubbing my hands on his face, which was probably not delightful for him but it was for me. He skin really did feel much softer than it usually does after a shave. When I said as much out loud, the kids heard me and wanted to check for themselves. 

They both declared it “super smooth!” and James started asking questions about how old he’ll be when he starts shaving, which I am nowhere near ready to start thinking about, I can barely handle Annie turning 10 last week!

Visit to get the Ultimate Shave Starter Set for ONLY $5 and round out your grooming routine by adding any of their other high-quality products. After that, the re-stock box ships full-sized products at the regular price. We received the starter set for free, but we will be officially joining the club when he finishes his starter set.

Next time I’m at the grocery store I’ll be sure to tell the cashier we finally joined!