James is such a character. He constantly says the most hilarious things. We often joke, “James, where did you come from?” and he replies, “From Earth!”

I’ve been writing down all the funny things he’s said lately, and I thought I’d share them so you can get a tiny window into this weirdly awesome little boy’s mind.

About his imaginary adversary (yes, he invented an imaginary bad guy): His house looks like my house! And he has this kitchen! And one thousand Uncle Kyles!

Me: James, why don’t you have a shirt on?
James: Oh, I’m practicing my muscles. Doing lots of punches and stuff.

When Mike gets home from work: Mike! You’re home!

James: Mommy, I heard the rebominable snowman is very scary. I don’t want to meet him.

Me: James, put the DVD back in its envelope, please.
James: Oh, envelopes, that’s my favorite!

James, while playing Mario Kart: NO MARIO! I TRUSTED YOU!

On his cousin, Liam: Is Liam going back to his owners now?

James: Mommy, remember when I was a baby and you named me James?
Me: Yes, I remember.
James: I liked that.

Me: James, it’s okay to stop talking sometimes.

James: Mommy, why is there a panda bear face on that sign?
Me: That’s…not a panda.

Me: How’d you sleep, buddy?
James: I can’t remember if I had good dreams, sad dreams, or okay dreams. I guess we’ll never know.

While eating chips: Mommy, I need water! My chips got stuck in my neck!

On Thursday afternoon: Only one more sleep until Fri-yay!

On his career aspirations: I’m gonna build rollercoasters when I grow up. They’re gonna be SO SCARY. I won’t even ride them.

Me, to Mike: What time is it?

In a store, after someone knocked over a flower pot: WHOA! She knocked over that flower pot! It broke! I’ve never seen a flower pot break before! YAAAAY!

About everything: Love my life, love my Schuyler, love my Annabel, love EVERYBODY!

I love this nutty little boy so much.