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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m working with Glade® to bring little moments of joy to Los Angeles. Together, we selected the Lincoln Heights Rec Center to get a little extra holiday cheer in the form of a light display that went live on Black Friday, or as we called it, “Bright Friday.” I was excited to see the Rec Center’s transformation, and I brought Annabel along with me to see the lights.

On the drive into LA, I told Annabel about the Rec Center and how it was similar to ours. We use our local center all the time for classes and different activities, so she understood how important the Rec Center is to the community. This rec center offers a variety of activities for adults and youth and works with the LAPD to keep the neighborhood safe. On our way in, we listened to Christmas music and sang along to our favorites. Listening to Annie sing makes me so happy.


The Rec Center looks great!

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Here is how it looks, after the sun is completely down:

Glade decorates the Lincoln Heights Recreation Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday, November 22, 2015 to help deliver holiday cheer and provide a bright and joyous destination for families to visit this holiday season.

It also has a large grass area in the back, and two different playgrounds for kids to climb and explore.


In addition to visiting the Lincoln Heights Rec Center with Annabel, I’ve also worked hard to bring little moments of joy into our lives. We sing our favorite holiday songs, and also look at pictures of family and holidays from the past. We’ve written lists of things we want to do in our local community (Annabel really wants to have a lemonade stand for charity), made cookies and slowly decorated our house. It’s been low-key and stress-free – exactly the way that I wanted it.  


One other way I’ve added a little joy to our house is by using jar candles from the Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection. Our favorites are BE AT PEACE™ and CHERISH THE PRESENT™. I love using them because my family always says the house “smells like Christmas.” Between the candles and the sugar cookies we’ve been baking, I can’t disagree! All of the smells remind me of Christmases in my parents’ old house. I miss those days, but I’m glad my kids will have similar happy memories in our own home.

If you’re in the LA area, be sure to check out the Lincoln Heights Recreation Center at 2303 Workman St., Los Angeles, 90031. The lights are up from now through January 2nd. Don’t forget to share your images and joyful moments using the hash tag #FeelJoy and check out!