Mike and I went to his company’s holiday party on Friday night. It’s amazing how much the company has grown since he started there. The LA office’s first holiday party was in a dive bar in Hollywood, and this year they rented out an entire trendy club on Sunset Blvd. I had a blast hanging out with his co-workers, dancing to the awesome DJ, and eating delicious food. Like last year, the gif-maker was very popular:


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Dress Success

I have to give major props to Rent The Runway…the dress I originally reserved for Mike’s party was soooo not cute on me. I called Rent the Runway and they overnighted me another dress…that was also sooooo not cute. So they overnighted me another one! I have used RTR a lot, but for some reason I ignored the most important thing on RTR – the reviews from other women. If several women say a dress doesn’t look good on a short person (the problem with my first dress) or a woman with hips (the problem with my second dress), believe them. My last-minute replacement options were extremely limited, but the dress I ended up wearing was still really nice. Everyone I spoke to on the phone was incredibly nice and helpful. I love companies with good customer service!

More Gift-Giving Ideas
I thought of a few more ideas!

For the Animal LoverThey think animals are people.
~The Cats of 1986 wall calendar is seriously amazing.
~Kitty face flats! Meow!
~SHE WILL MAKE A STICKER OF YOUR DOG’S FACE. And also other faces that are almost as cool as your dog’s.
~A pet paw print kit is a no-brainer.

For the FashionistaHelp her find her new favorites.
~A Stitch Fix Gift Card to fill out her wardrobe.
~Trendy jewelry to finish any outfit.
~Tory Burch for Fitbit jewelry, so she looks good while she works on her fitness.
~A subscription to Vogue.

For the Sports FanGo sportsball yay!
~Vintage clothing with their favorite team logo.
~A Universal Remote/Bottle Opener. Yep.
~The Motorized Cooler, aka the ride of my dreams.
~The In The Moment Sports Photography book is stunning.

For the Photo Buff – Life through the lens.
~A cool new camera strap that shows off their personality.
~3-in-1 smartphone camera lens because the best camera is the one you have with you.
~A level for your camera’s hot shoe. I actually need this!
~This cool camera ring for their finger.

For the kid who wants to be an authorI know one of these kids…
~How to Write a Story to learn the fundamentals.
~A book-making kit this looks really cool.
~Man’s best bookmarks.
~A Reading Rainbow shirt  (butterfly in the skyyyyyy).

Happy Sunday, everyone!