For Heather’s 37th birthday, Annie wanted to write thirty-seven things she loves about her mom. Take it away, Annie!

1. We can talk about anything.
2. She keeps me and James safe.
3. She came to work in my classroom this year and it made me happy.
4. She is awesome to snuggle with in her spot on the couch.
5. She remembers words to songs for me when I forget them.
6. She takes cool pictures of me and James.


7. She sings Taylor Swift songs with me in the car.
8. She has a 100% beautiful singing voice.
9. She’s also 100% the most beautiful-lest person in the world.
10. She pays for stuff for me and James which is good because I don’t have much money.
11. She puts my hair into cool hairstyles.
12. She loves me.
13. Whenever I get a booboo she always wipes it off and then kisses it.
14. She buys band aids that have characters on them like from Star Wars and Finding Nemo!
15. She surprises me with fun things like camping in our backyard, going to Disneyland and going to get donuts.


16. I love getting to go see neat places with her for Mommy Nearest.
17. She alway signs me up for fun stuff like swimming and dance class.
18. She is really good at throwing parties. She’s made me want to throw imaginary parties for my toys in my room.
19. She lets me do face swaps on her phone.

20. She takes care of me.
21. I love going to get my nails done with mommy — because my nails always look pretty afterward and because when we’re waiting we always have a nice time together.
22. She makes me cool things like headbands.
23. She goofs around and makes me laugh.

24. She makes me feel happy.
25. I know I’ll still love her when I’m older.
26. Sometimes I see other mommies yelling at their kids really loud and I think, “I’m glad I’ve got my mommy!”
27. She helps me to be a better kid by teaching me manners like how you should act at the table.
28. She cheered me up when Rigby died.
29. She’s good at sewing and says she’s going to teach me how to do it when I’m a little older.
30.  She needs to be 20% cooler when she dances. Just kidding, Mom!


31. She lets me do posts on her blog when I want.
32. I love to go to Starbucks with her.
33. I also love going to Target and the mall with her (although we should go to the mall more).
34. She’s really smart! She’s Mrs. Smarty Pants (hee!) and knows something about almost everything I ask her!
35. She helps me buy clothes to wear that I love!
36. She’s fair and never gives Jamesie more stuff than me.
37. Because I want to be just like her when I’m 37!

Happy Birthday, Mommy! You are my hero! I love you!


One last note to Heather from Mike: James and I love you to infinity and beyond too and hope you have an amazing birthday!