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My Trip to Oldchella

As you might know, I am a huge classic rock nerd (How nerdy? Feast your eyes on this photo of me with The Beach Boys). So when the people who put on the big Coachella music festival announced the Desert Trip festival — a three-night affair featuring Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones on Friday, Neil…

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The Two-th Fairies

Annabel lost her fifth tooth on Sunday. Annie’s had some drama with her lost teeth — she swallowed her first one, then had to have one especially uncooperative tooth extracted — but thankfully this one came out pretty easily. Of course, while it may have come out easily, there was still some (minor) tooth drama…

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Get Her To The Greek

Annie and I had a special Daddy/Daughter date on Saturday night — I took her to see Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band in concert! As you probably know, I’m a huge Beatles fan, so I’ve been looking forward to introducing my kids to The Beatles ever since I became a dad. The thing…

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Happy 37th Birthday, Mommy!

For Heather’s 37th birthday, Annie wanted to write thirty-seven things she loves about her mom. Take it away, Annie! 1. We can talk about anything. 2. She keeps me and James safe. 3. She came to work in my classroom this year and it made me happy. 4. She is awesome to snuggle with in her…

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Pancakes For Dinner

I’m no professional chef (some might say I’m not even an amateur one), but there’s one meal I’ve gotten pretty good at making for the kids — pancakes. Just about every weekend the three of us whip up pancakes together, and Annie and James help out by cracking eggs, dumping flour into the bowl, and stirring…

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