It’s my birthday tomorrow, wooo!!! On Friday night, Mike took me out to dinner to celebrate. My mom hung out with the kids so we could have a nice night, just the two of us. Of course, we ended up talking about them most of the time, but at least we could talk about them without having to cut up meat, or get a straw, or clean up a spill. Love that alone time.

birthday dinner
I am very short

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Fun Things

~I just ordered this light ring for my iPhone. It supposedly makes photos look better than just using a flash. I’ll let you know this week what I think!
~We rented this tabletop popcorn machine for a backyard party we had yesterday and Mike and I are pretty obsessed with it. I kind of want to buy it and add it to the list of ridiculous things I own (like my snow cone and cotton candy machines!), LOL.
~These grocery bags clip right onto the shopping cart, has anyone used something like them? I’m very curious.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Everyone do me a birthday solid and have a fabulous day tomorrow (the 27th). That means everyone stays safe, no countries leave any unions and topple the economy, and you have an extra helping of your favorite dessert. Calories don’t count on my birthday and I am extending this rule to everyone. I’m gonna sit in my hammock and eat peanut butter M&Ms, and have pie for breakfast!

Happy Sunday, everyone!