I took a break from DIY posts this month – December is so crazy, and I wanted to cut myself some slack. I did still use the little free time I had to make some presents for my friends, and it reminded me how much I like to create things. I looked back at the DIYs I put together this year, and I was pretty proud of what I came up with. These were my favorite DIYs from 2015 – I hope you liked them, too!

1. Easy Rainbow Wreath
easy rainbow wreath

This is still hanging up in Annabel’s room…I think I’ll make a new one for St. Patrick’s Day this year!

2. No-Sew Wings
DIY No Sew Wings

These were such a hit with the kids at Annabel’s My Little Pony birthday party – Annabel and her friends still use them at play dates!

3. No Candy Valentine: I Like You This Much

no-candy valentine printable

This reminds me that my craft store already has Valentine’s Day stuff out!

4. DIY Confetti Eggs
DIY Confetti Eggs

I am actually thinking about making these for New Year’s Eve, and just dying the eggs gold and silver!

5. Soda Bottle Jet Packs
soda bottle jet packs

These are another party favor, this time from James’ second birthday, that the kids and their friends still play with! They’ve held up well.

6. Simple Poolside Poncho
poolside poncho

Since it’s not pool season anymore, we use these when the kids get out of the shower!

7. Easy Embellishments
diy easy embellishments

Annabel calls this her “most favorite sweatshirt.”

8. Home Command Center
home command center

I am still obsessed with my command center! I feel a lot more organized when I can look at my calendar every morning. Plus, we always know where our car keys are!

9. Witch’s Hat Door Hanging
witch hat door hanging

I really loved how this looked on my door during the month of October. I miss Halloween!

10. Spider Hair
Spider Hair

Two days before Christmas, Annabel asked me if I could give her spider hair. LOL

I am looking forward to getting back into the DIY swing in 2016. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of, please let me know!