Annabel lost a tooth last night, her very first one. It had been loose for about five weeks. She’d go through phases where she’d wiggle it like crazy, then refuse to touch it because it would get sore. I was starting to think the tooth would never come out and then, “disaster” happened: Annabel’s tooth not only came out, but she accidentally swallowed it.

Unsurprisingly, there were a LOT of tears – partially because she was shocked, but mostly because she was afraid that swallowing a tooth would mean a) the tooth fairy would be mad at her, and b) the tooth would “hurt her insides.” We got her calm after we explained the tooth fairy would still come, and then excitement took over.

Annabel asked if she could “write a post about all of my feelings,” so here are Annabel’s own words about losing her tooth:

– – – – –

I didn’t want to lose my tooth because I really love my baby teeth, and I want to keep them forever. But today when I realized it was gone, I was surprised. I was also a little bit sad. I was mad at my mouth!

The moment I realized it was gone was right after I swallowed a bite of my dinner. I was eating a quesadilla, it was so good, it had bacon in it! I probably swallowed my tooth. That was my most favoritest tooth, because it was the sharpest. It’s going to be SO hard to chew now.

I never expected my tooth to come out today. I was a little scared at first because I thought maybe my tooth would make me sick but my daddy told me that it wouldn’t hurt me. I was surprised there is a hole where the tooth was. I think my brother might be afraid to kiss me now that I am missing a tooth! I look pretty scary.

minus one tooth

My parents said I could write the tooth fairy a letter about my swallowed tooth. You have to draw a picture of your tooth or you won’t get any money. If you don’t know how to draw a tooth, it’s basically a square with some points on the bottom. Never lie to the tooth fairy in your letter!

dear tooth fairy

I was afraid it would hurt to lose my tooth but I felt nothing! So I’m not afraid anymore. I’m happy! But also sad.

I can’t believe I lost my first tooth!

– – – – –

I can’t believe it, either.