Hey so, I turned 40 on Thursday.

The big four-oh. I’ve been treated to an AMAZING birthday week by my family and friends, and it’s made me feel so special. On Monday, my oldest friend, Tara, threw me a surprise party at her house. I was actually surprised, too!!! I had a great time celebrating with my friends and family.

On Wednesday, we found out that Annie’s softball team was invited to the State tournament! The girls worked SO HARD this year, so getting that news was an amazing birthday present. I’m so proud of them! Later that night, my friend Jen and her daughter Kate flew in and surprised me with a visit. Even though I figured it out about an hour before they arrived (I’m very suspicious, LOL), I was so happy to see them and don’t plan on allowing them to leave tomorrow.

And then Thursday was the big day! I woke up to perfect cards and presents from Mike and the kids, and my mom surprised me by bringing over one of my favorite breakfasts. Mike put together the best present I’ve ever received, a collection of videos made for me by friends, family, former coworkers, sorority sisters, players I’ve coached, and even my dog! I’ve watched it several times and it gets better every time.

I finished the day at a team pizza party, where the parents brought me a cake and the girls helped me blow out my candles.

Friday night, I had a lovely dinner with some of my friends I met through blogging. I love how easy it is to keep in touch with people these days, but there’s nothing like spending face-to-face time with your pals


Today I’m celebrating with extended family, including Kyle, since he also turned 40 (always stealing my thunder).

I’ve always loved my birthdays and my 40th was no exception. I wasn’t bummed by the number, because I don’t mind getting older (but I wouldn’t mind if my skin could keep it together and stop sagging, damn it). Looking back on the last decade of my life…it’s overwhelming to think about how much happened. Some wonderful things, and some absolutely horrible things. This last decade was when I learned what I was capable of, and when I finally stopped caring about all the pointless little things I used to spend too much time thinking about (like wearing shorts in public! What a stupid thing to spend my energy on).

I’m entering my fifth decade knowing how loved I am. How lucky am I?