So much has happened for the Spohrs in the last two weeks. The kids finished school (so long, kindergarten and third grade), we traveled to Irvine for a softball tournament, and we’re currently halfway through another softball tournament. But even though it’s the summer of softball, we haven’t forgotten that today is Father’s Day (okay, I might have forgotten for like a second this morning, but I remembered eventually!). Happy Father’s Day to our #1 dad, Mike. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, selfless dad in our lives. We love you, Mikey!! Also, happy Father’s Day to my own dad, who is still out there helping coach softball with me! And happy Father’s Day to my father-in-law, who does so much for us and even made it down to see one of Annie’s softball games yesterday.

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Fun Finds

~Old Navy flip-flops are only two bucks! Time to stock up for the whole fam bam.
~Does anyone have one of these hair straightener/curler things? Trying to decide if it’s worth getting one for myself!
~Next question! Does anyone have a zero-gravity chair? Will my almost-40-year-old bones benefit from such a chair?

Happy Sunday, everyone!