As I mentioned a couple days ago, Annabel lost her first tooth on Sunday… and swallowed it in the process. She was VERY distressed by this until we promised her the Tooth Fairy would still come if she wrote a letter explaining what happened. Once she’d fallen asleep with her letter tucked under her pillow, it was time for me to play “Tooth Fairy” for the first time.

The first thing I did was put together a letter for her. I wanted to encourage Annabel’s robust imagination, so I tried to make the Tooth Fairy’s letterhead as official as possible, with fancy font and a “seal.”

tooth fairy letter

Dear Annabel,

Congratulations on losing your first tooth! This is quite the milestone for a young girl. I’m always so excited to meet a new friend.

In honor of your first lost tooth, I’ve given you a special box to leave your future lost teeth in. I hope you like it – I picked it especially for you. I’ve also left you some extra money since this is your first lost tooth. 

Thank you for writing to me about swallowing your tooth! Don’t worry about it – I see that you have several more loose teeth, so I look forward to collecting those from you in the future! By the way, I loved your drawings. You are very good at illustrating teeth!

Keep brushing and flossing – I only pay for the very best baby teeth!

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Love, The Tooth Fairy

When her tooth first became loose, I bought her this little tooth box with the intention of having her put her first tooth in it (so we wouldn’t have to try to find a tooth under her pillow) , but I instead made it a gift from the Tooth Fairy for future lost teeth.

tooth box

I carefully laid everything on her bedside table and snuck out of her room.

She woke up around 2am and hollered that her letter was missing from under her pillow. We ran in there just in time to see her sit up and notice her gifts from the tooth fairy. We quickly went over the letter, then tucked her back in. In the morning, she was a little more cogent and a lot more excited about what the tooth fairy had left, even pointing at the seal on the letter and saying, “My friends told me about this!” Oh…good thing I included that!

All things considered, all went well in my first performance as the tooth fairy. Hopefully next time, I’ll have an actual tooth to collect!