As you all probably know by now, I was a pretty hardcore Debbie Gibson fan back in the 80s. Besides Debbie, I was also super into the other ladies of the 80s – The Go-Gos, The Bangles, Paula Abdul, Heart, Madonna, Whitney, Cindi, Janet…these women were my heroes. For some reason, I was never really moved by the guys. Their music was fine but I didn’t want to BE them. I wanted to play like Debbie, dress like Cyndi, dance like Paula, and belt like Whitney. The guys were just…there.

Way back in November, one of my friends emailed a group of us and said, “HEY! New Kids on the Block are coming to LA in June, we should all go!” And I was like, “SURE!” because I love any opportunity I can get to hang out with my friends. On the morning of the concert, Mike said, “Hey, this is a geezer concert for OUR generation!” (If you recall, I’ve gone to concerts for Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, and Willie Nelson in the last few years.) I made a face but figured he was right. I didn’t anticipate seeing anyone below the age of 35 at the concert, and other than a few kids who came along with their moms, I was correct.

Somehow, I’d managed to miss that Paula Abdul was one of the opening acts (the other was Boys II Men). When I realized this I flipped out because PAULA ABDUL. I loooooved her! I loved her in her videos and I especially loved her spacey comments on American Idol. I was BESIDE myself. And when she came out on stage, I lost my mind a little. She still looks fantastic and her dancing is amazing. She’s 55 in a couple weeks!

goddess paula

She’s also really good at lip syncing BUT WHO CARES.

paula abdul

Paula came out there and she played all of her hits and she danced her butt off, and when she was done I was like, “Okay! I can go home now!” But no, then the New Kids on the Block had to come out and harsh my vibe.

So they come out and I’m like, “Hey, look! It’s Joey and Donnie and Jordan and the other two!” I’m a real superfan.


And they definitely had been taking care of themselves. I know this because they took every opportunity they could find to lift up their shirts and show us their abs. I’m not hating – if I had visible abs, I’d be doing the same.

I was expecting them to come out and play their hits, but instead they started their show with a new song. A NEW SONG. And almost everyone in the audience was like

Like, who came for the new stuff? PLAY STEP BY STEP ALREADY!

My favorite part was when Joey McIntyre sang the song “Tonight” with his son, who looks EXACTLY LIKE HIM.

Joey and his son

It was so adorable and I’m SUCH a mom that this was my favorite part of the concert.

I joke, but the concert was entertaining. The guys had clearly worked really hard on their show, and they sounded good. It’s not their fault that I only wanted to hear an extended remix of Hangin’ Tough, The Right Stuff, and My Favorite Girl.

Of course, the best part was being with my friends. We had so much fun dancing, singing along, and laughing. SOOOO much laughing. I mean, how could we not laugh? Donnie Wahlberg was on stage.