It’s the last full week of school, so of course half of my house is sick.

It all started with James being sick last week. Poor little guy had SUCH a high fever and a deep, croup-like cough. He’s finally better and back to school…and now it’s Annie and Mike’s turn.

Mike came home from work on Monday and said, “Someone at the office today asked me if I was crying because my eyes are red.” We figured it was probably a symptom of his contact lenses needing to be changed and didn’t think much of it. But the next morning, he woke up with his eye sealed shut. Yep, Mike had the Pink Eye. After freaking out (he had no idea what was happening because he has somehow made it through 41.5 years of life without ever contracting conjunctivitis), I told him he had pink eye and sent him to the doctor. Poor guy has it bad.

And then there’s Annabel. She was absolutely DETERMINED to not get sick. I don’t blame her – the last week of school is so much fun, and her class is having a week-long reading celebration that she worked really hard to earn. When the fever started to creep in on Sunday, she somehow managed to lower her temperature through sheer force of will. Unfortunately for Annie, she caught the Pink Eye, and there’s no amount of wishing and hoping that will make that go away.

While Mike took Annie to the doctor to get drops, James and I lit the house on fire. OK not really but if James gets pink eye right before we go to Great Wolf Lodge for his birthday celebration, I will lose my mind. And if I get pink eye AGAIN, I’m pretty sure I will go blind. So what I’m saying is James and I are living in a bubble this week and not touching Mike or Annie at all.

This leaves the job of giving Annie her medicine to Mike. This would normally not be a big deal, but the urgent care doctor thought an antibiotic ointment would be the best treatment. Yes, an ointment that goes on her eyeball. I’m pretty sure most adults would have a problem with this. Honestly, it’s really gross and requires Mike to basically touch her eyeball and OMG the screaming. Annie screamed a lot, too.

Luckily, Annie’s pink eye was caught early, and she should be able to go back to school tomorrow. THANK GOD because I’m getting a little tired of her “Annie is sad” self-portraits.

will the pink eye ointment hurt
Annie calls this one: “Will the ointment hurt? I think so.”

Mike, on the other hand…he looks like he’s been rubbing his eye with sandpaper. Poor guy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go wash my hands for the 5,000 time today.