This last weekend I had a trip away with a group of my friends who I don’t see nearly enough. We all have kids and crazy lives, but somehow the stars aligned and we were all able to meet up at our friend Jess’ house in the California desert.

Our agenda was:

~drink champagne
~wish harm on our enemies
~go to Joshua Tree National Park

We accomplished just about everything within the first two hours of being together.

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Yes, there were masks involved. Typical stuff.

We at SO MUCH cheese, jerky, cookies, popcorn, salami, mexican food…I don’t think I need to eat again for at least a week. Luckily, the next day we worked off a lot of what we ate by exploring the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree NP has amazing rock formations, plus all sorts of cacti and other flora that can only be found inside the park. I hadn’t been there since college, and I loved taking in all in.

Hidden Valley

Joshua Tree

joshua tree np
Rock Formations


Teddy Bear Cactus

I even kind of hiked!

I had fun playing with the Instax camera my parents gave me for Christmas. It’s such an interesting challenge for me after having digital cameras for so long.

instax pics

If you can ever get out to Joshua Tree National Park, I highly recommend it. My iPhone pictures really don’t do it justice, it’s absolutely breathtaking.

I loved the time with my friends. Even though we talk every day, there’s nothing like being able to look into their eyes when you hug them, hold their hands, and cry. And laugh, of course. We did that a lot.

the ladies

mah ladies

Love my girls.