The night before James’ birthday, we let Annabel stay up late to help us blow up balloons. He’s now officially old enough to wake up to balloons on the floor, and Annabel is old enough to help us make it happen. Pretty cool!

birthday balloons

balloon angels

Birthday presents proved to be a little overwhelming at first. He didn’t like the idea of ripping the paper.

presents are hard

Luckily for James, he has a sister who was MORE than willing to help him out, and he quickly recovered.

opening presents

After a morning of playing with presents, we took the birthday boy to his favorite place on earth, Chuck E. Cheese. When we pulled into the parking lot he gasped, “Oh! Chuck E. Cheese! YAY!” I have to say, I was dreading going to CEC, but it actually wasn’t bad. It helped that we got there right when it opened and I think since most sane people spend Memorial Day outside, it wasn’t crowded.

Our extended family met us there, so they got to witness the kids in their element:

so happy


We had a bazillion tokens, so we all had fun playing the games—even the adults!

spohr skeeball


Mike and I had a competition going on the basketball and football toss games. I don’t want to make Mike feel bad or anything but I totally demolished him. Shorty’s got game!

After we traded in over 1,000 tickets for 6 foam balls (seriously, that was the prize, wtf), we went back to our house for presents from the family and cake. James was soooo ready for ice cream cake, but he had to endure some affection from his parents.

blowing out candles

quit kissin' and start cuttin'
He’s like, “Mom, quit kissin’ and start cuttin’.”


And we maaaaay have even had a giant cupcake for him to eat later in the day, because I’m all about giving my kids as much sugar and artificial coloring as possible. We also made his dreams come true by relighting his birthday candle five times.

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In all, it was a great birthday for my little three-year-old. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone! This morning when James woke up he said, “More presents?” Sorry buddy, no more presents…until next weekend, when we have his Star Wars birthday party with friends. And of course, more cake!