I took the kids to the beach last week to get a change of scenery. They spent HOURS in the water – James literally only left the water because I forced him to eat. The ocean is like 62-63 degrees (I think that’s like 17ish in Celcius), too cold for my wimpy self without a wetsuit. Funny how kids can spend that much time in cold water but still argue with me about how “cold” the shower is at home! James is in love with boogie boarding and is absolutely fearless when he goes after a wave. He’s going to tear it up on a surfboard, I think I’ll have to teach him how to surf sooner than I anticipated!

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Window to the World

Since we aren’t leaving home much and definitely aren’t doing any traveling, I’ve been looking at all sorts of pictures of beautiful places around the world. Then I came across this website called Window Swap and now I’m obsessed with it. People send in videos of the view from their home windows and man, I can’t wait until we can travel again.

Fun Finds

~These giant bubble kits look so cool…I also wonder if I could DIY one? Hmmm.
~If you’re missing those Starbucks cappuccinos, my friend swears by this milk frother. The pictures sure look nice!
~I’m not sure if I’ve ever linked to this before, but I swear by this after-sun cream. I always seem to miss at least one spot with my sunscreen and this cream brings lots of relief.

Happy Sunday, everyone. Stay safe out there!