Hi, everyone. Thanks to all who sent emails and left comments about the anniversary of Maddie’s passing. It was eerie this year…she died the Tuesday before Easter, and this year April 7 fell on…the Tuesday before Easter. So between that and quarantine, I’ve been laying reeeeeally low. One of the things that’s so hard about grieving is that regular life is still going on around you..but on April 7, 2020, it wasn’t. And in some ways, that was nice. I didn’t have to leave my house and “put on my brave face,” or power through school activities and sports and all the other “normal” things that usually happen on a “normal” Tuesday. But it also felt suffocating. There’s too much misery right now. I never realized how much I feed off of other people’s happiness…yet another thing I won’t take for granted when life starts back up again.

Two things that make me happy.

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Fun Finds

~I’ve literally been living in pajama pants the last five weeks and these are the most comfortable pair I own (I have the striped pair). They’re a good gift for anyone celebrating a quarantine birthday! Or a gift to yourself for making it through another day.
~This pin of Kevin spilling chili is perfect for any fan of The Office.
~This wearable blanket has FOOT POCKETS.

Happy Sunday, everyone!