Will any of you be surprised to hear I had a complication with my oral surgery? Of course you won’t be. That kind of thing always happens to me! I developed something called a “dry socket,” which has required me to go to the surgeon’s office three times this week for treatment and packing. So, so gross, but I am now almost back to 100%. The kids started online distance learning this week, and they both enjoyed it. Nothing will replace the classroom and being surrounded by your friends, but Annie and James are rolling with it and making the most out of their computer time with their classmates. Their teachers have been working so hard to get everything online and I’m so grateful to them!

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Fun Finds

~Our Nintendo Switch has been a lifesaver during social distancing. Besides spending a lot of time on Just Dance 2020 and the Ring Fit, the kids and I are now OBSESSED with Animal Crossing: New Horizons (kindly send to me for free by Nintendo, although we have since bought another copy!). The three of us live on a little island together, and there’s no Coronavirus to be found!
~My friend Leigh wrote the coolest book, perfect for anyone who loves magical places and travel. Annie devoured the book in one day!
~I bought each kid one of these clip-on lights. They’re technically for smartphones, but I put them on their school computers so their faces are well-lit for class meetings.

Happy Sunday, everyone. Stay safe and healthy!