Today is my cousin’s baby shower! My aunts, mom, and I have been planning it for weeks and it’s going to be really fun. I’ve been jokingly calling it a “Classy Star Wars” shower to compliment the theme of the baby’s nursery, so of course I’ve been putting together a bunch of little ways to incorporate Star Wars into the shower. I’m really looking forward to celebrating Leah and Ted, and getting them ready to welcome their baby boy. He’s due a month from yesterday!!

star wars baby shower

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Family Kick Off

~Yesterday we attended the Family Teams kick off for the March for Babies. It was held at a play space in LA, so my kids were super-excited to go. I gave a brief speech about our story, and I gave some advice for fundraising and making an impact. I met some really nice families who were new to the march (and they brought along their adorable kiddos!), and I really enjoyed connecting with them. I hope I can help them all out this year to make it LA’s most successful march yet! (and if you want to donate to our team, I wouldn’t mind ;)!!)

Tee Time

~I wore this Fallon/Timberlake ’16 shirt out the other day and was stopped by five different people asking me where I got it. I wish they’d run, the State of the Union would be a lot more interesting.
~I also get a lot of people asking me about my Dillon High School shirt (although someone once asked me if it was my alma mater and I was like, “I WISH.”).
~My cousin Ted has this Tommy Boy-themed shirt and Mike thinks it’s awesome.
~I might have just sent this Meh shirt to my friend Jen for her birthday.

Happy Sunday, everyone!