We had a dinner party last night, and Annabel was a very enthusiastic co-host. She asked if she could do the seat assignments, and set to work making them with stuff we had around the house. They turned out so cute (I cut the paper for her, but she did the rest)! I’m really liking the effects of Kindergarten.

annabel's name cards

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Movie Night

~Mike and I need a movie night desperately. Between our schedules, the kids’ schedules, and babysitter schedules, we’ll probably make it to like…one movie before everything goes to video (is that even the expression anymore, now that VHS doesn’t exist?). But there are so many good movies out right now that we can’t decide, so I’m looking for recs. We are trying to decide between The Martian, The Walk, Steve Jobs, and Sicario. All four have amazing reviews and scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Has anyone seen any of these?

Currently Obsessed With…

~Everything sold at Wanderlust + Co. I’ve already ordered several Christmas presents from here.
~Our multi-usb charging station. No more fights over who gets to charge things!
~My portable cell phone battery. I always get asked about it, so I thought I’d share again. It can charge your phone five times before it needs to be charged itself. Great for days where we’re gone from morning to evening!

Happy Sunday, everyone!