Last night I attended my 20th high school reunion! It was such a trip to see so many old friends in the same place. I thought the reunion might be somewhat anti-climactic since we all keep up with each other on Facebook, but it wasn’t at all. And even though I text and email and talk to a lot of my old friends regularly, there’s nothing like being able to hug someone you’ve known since you were five years old.

There’s also nothing like staying out until midnight to remind you that you’re not 18 anymore. I’m STRUGGLING this morning, LOL.

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Paying It Forward

Some dear friends of ours are expecting their first baby any day now. After years of trying, their son will be arriving via a surrogate. Their surrogate is donating all of her surrogacy proceeds to someone who has a life-threatening disease. Her selflessness is awe-inspiring!

Cool Things

~AB to Jay Z is the ABC book every child needs.
~I need this motivational poster.
~In a review, someone referred to the boobs on this pillow as “tattybojangles” and I can’t stop laughing.

Happy Sunday, everyone!