We’ve been going to the Disneyland Halloween Party for years – we even went with Maddie back in 2008. We weren’t able to swing it in 2016, so we were especially excited to go this year. As for our group costume, when James asked Mike if he’d go as the Luigi to his Mario, we realized it wouldn’t be hard for Annie and me to join in.

Presenting Bob-omb, Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi! While Annie and the guys looked adorable, I was definitely the big winner when it came to comfort level: I was wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt I sewed eyes onto! Best costume ever.

As always, Disneyland looked fantastic all decked out for Halloween. This year, California Adventure finally got a Halloween makeover and no surprise, it also looked amazing.

ca adventure

spooky cones

funny posters

guardians of the galaxy after dark

A few of the rides received Halloween makeovers, including the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. If you recall, Mike did not enjoy that ride the first time he went on it. But we obviously had to go on the new version…and, well, I don’t think he’ll ever go on it again!

mike is crying

That picture makes me laugh until I cry.

Anyway, besides the Halloween rides, we had a blast trick-or-treating through the park. But as always, my kids absolutely loved the dance party. They are dance OBSESSED.

dance party

dance party

At the dance party they had a bunch of different costumed Pixar characters on the dance floor. I might have freaked out a little over these two:


I hugged Dug the Dog for what was probably an uncomfortable amount of time for the person inside the suit. I have no regrets.

Whenever Mike and James did something together, I laughed. It was hard not to giggle at Mario and Luigi, they were just so cute.

rocket blasters

I just adore Halloween and I’m so glad my kids are as into it as I am. I’m especially glad that they are finally at a point where they appreciate fireworks!! We were able to watch the entire Halloween fireworks show without any screaming or crying about how loud it was.

disneyland fireworks

It’s a Halloween miracle!