You guys. James turned SIX on Thursday. SIX! I wish everyone could spend time with James. He’s never met a stranger (which is a little terrifying as his parent), and loves to make people happy. He’s a wonderful little weirdo who dreams of being an American Ninja Warrior, is obsessed with The Avengers, and still has the best dance moves in the family. He taught himself how to read because we offhandedly told him that once he could read, we’d let him play video games. He only has a few more days left of Kindergarten, which is wild to think about. Thank goodness for his AMAZING, patient teacher who worked so hard with him this year.

How is my baby SIX?!

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Fun Finds

~Mike and I went back and forth about what to get James for his birthday. We seriously considered a trampoline, but since our backyard is all concrete I felt uneasy about it and couldn’t pull the trigger. So after consulting with the grandparents, we decided to get him an indoor climbing structure that he and Annie can both use. He was THRILLED to come home from school and discover it in his room!

~I also got him monkey bar gloves, which is something he requested that actually exists! I had no idea.
~And, because he’s Avengers-obsessed, Annie gave him this Thanos glove thingy (can you tell I didn’t see the movies?).

Happy Sunday, everyone!