Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Mike and the kids woke me up with breakfast in bed (smoked salmon eggs benedict, nice work, Mike!) and gave me presents and lots of love. Today is always a mixed bag of emotions for me and anyone missing a child, a mom, a grandma, or a mother figure. The only Mother’s Day I spent with my Madeline was ten years ago. I miss her so much. Take a moment today and send a message to someone you know who’s missing someone today – it will mean so much to them. Now I’m going to wrap my arms around my other babies and demand hugs, kisses, and foot rubs.

Snuggling with my rainbow

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(Barely) Managing It All

The school year is winding down, but things are ramping up around here. Annie’s all-star team is prepping for its first tournament next weekend…oh and did I mention I’m the team manager? It’s really fun and I love the girls on the team to itty bitty pieces but hooooo boy it’s a LOT of work. I was joking with Mike that between planning practices, registering for tournaments, and organizing all the different equipment and gear orders, I feel like I have another full-time job! Good thing I enjoy it.

Fun Finds

~I found James a Lego-like Titanic set for his birthday! It even comes with the iceberg!
~I take my rings off when I’m coaching softball, I really should get one of these cute dinosaur ring holders.
~I got a new pair of running shoes and these Nikes are soooo comfortable, I definitely recommend them!

Happy Sunday, everyone!