Hi, remember me, that person who used to blog here? I am obviously having a liiiiiittle bit of a hard time balancing the many moving pieces of my life right now. I sit down most days to write a post and the next thing I know, 87 different things have to be dealt with OMG IMMEDIATELY. I keep telling myself that this is just the “season” my life is in at the moment and it won’t always be like this. But things are really good right now. Last year, I was in a real valley, emotionally. Life took a lot of effort. But now I feel happy and much more settled and secure (as settled and secure as one can be in this ridiculous world right now). Even though there’s a ton going on right now, I’m waking up excited for the day. It’s really nice to feel like that again.

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My Boy

Yesterday was James’ last t-ball game of the season. For a kid with soooo much unfocused energy, I really didn’t know how he was going to do. But he LOVED it. He loved his teammates and he especially adored his coaches. And after years of watching his sister pick up trophies, he finally got some shiny hardware of his own.

LOOK AT HOW HAPPY HE IS. He slept with that trophy! And that right there is why they give the littlest kids participation awards.

Speaking of trophies, Annie’s All-Star team made it to the playoffs in their first tournament. Wish us luck today!!!

Happy Sunday, everyone!